1. Before starting the update, please backup the application server as well as the existing database:

    metasfresh@host:~/$ tar cvzf /var/backup/metasfresh_app_server.tar.gz /opt/metasfresh
    metasfresh@host:~/$ pg_dump -Fc metasfresh > /var/backup/metasfresh.pgdump
  2. Download the latest update to the server running the metasfresh server application.
    user@host:~$ sudo su metasfresh
    user@host:~$ cd /home/metasfresh/
    user@host:~$ wget http://www.metasfresh.com/wp-content/releases/updates/metasfreshupdate_latest.tar.gz
  3. Extract the compressed archive to the home directory of the user “metasfresh”:
     metasfresh@host:~$ tar xvzf metasfresh_update_latest.tar.gz
  4. Change to the installation folder of the update
     metasfresh@host:~$ cd /home/metasfresh/metasfreshupdate_v423/dist/install
  5. Run the update script “sql_remote.sh” to apply the newest migration scripts
     metasfresh@host:~/metasfreshupdate_v423/dist/install/$ ./sql_remote.sh
  6. Now execute the script “minor_remote.sh” in order to update the metasfresh application server
     metasfresh@host:~/metasfreshupdate_v423/dist/install/$ ./minor_remote.sh
  7. After the update process has been completed, the application server will automatically restart and you need to download and install the updated metasfresh client to the appropriate client desktops.