We are metasfresh

Our mission is to enable each and every company to access a powerful ERP system with the aim of fuelling corporate growth. Since 2006, we have been developing our metasfresh ERP software from scratch with open source components and under the open source license GPL v2.0. Our company is currently represented in Germany and Romania.
Our business is our passion to help you making the best of metasfresh ERP in order to accelerate your company’s growth.

We always strive to do the impossible. Providing our customers with solutions that are easy to use and create added value is what makes us happy. Mark Krake, metasfresh co-founder

In 2014, we developed metasfresh, the first open source ERP solution for the fresh produce sector, with services such as vendor guarantee, professional support, a wide range of trainings and out-of-the-box availability. We are firmly rooted in the great open source project ADempiere, which enabled us – together with other developers from all over the world – to launch a unique project: creating a competitive open source ERP system that can be used by everyone. metasfresh is a distribution of the well-established open source ERP system ADempiere (www.adempiere.net). It provides SMEs with free access to a modern ERP system that offers tools for planning, management and control processes and reduces labor costs through automation and increased flexibility.
Whenever we are not busy developing our software, you can find us sharing our knowledge or attending a variety of speeches, for instance at the CeBIT, Linux Day, Heise Open Source meets Business, as well as the ADempiere German and world conferences.
Within the ADempiere community we are actively involved in the further development of ADempiere. In addition, we take part in the ADempiere e.V. board’s operations.