Release Notes – 4.3.2

Norbert WesselBlog, Release Notes (Englisch)


  • 09826 Take out foot note in purchase order Jasper
    • it’s now configurable via property file
  • 09827 Do not show ADR Keine/Leer on HU material receipt label
  • 09828 Salesgroups report add a filter for domestic/foreign country (101738461475)
  • 09832 Allow the printing client to retry on error (106406507107)
  • 09814 Send valid json to the printing client, also if there is an exception in the ESB (103239718792)
  • 09823 Tax Code Migration (107275491843)
    • implemented the database function „de.metas.async“.executeSqlAsync(p_Sql text) as a tool to perform time-consuming SQL-migrations in the background
  • 09812 create report for daily packaging material balance (101400050316)
  • 09776 EDI – Receiver without ORDERS (100584995833)
    • we now can specify a default POReference value for orders that is autumatically set by the system, unless there already was another POReference set by a users of from an importnert order
    • for a DESADV lines with unknown CUperTU, we can now set a default-value such a „1“ per C_BPartner.


    • 09829 ESB sends HTTP code 204 to the printing client (108552946334)
    • 09281 create report for packaging material balance (106483495857)
      • the former version also showed for a partner also packgings that were not on a particular partner’s contract
    • 09820 Header notification bar not shown in main menu (100919535984)
    • 09831 Exception in the Initial Setup Wizard (108054071490)
      (Thx to Bernhard!)
    • In process parameter panel, display VImage preview, but bound to a maximum size
    • ClientSetup: company name changes were not persisted
      (Thx to Bernhard!)
    • Ubuntu Installer now deals with UTF8_en
      (Thx to Bernhard!)


  • to use the latest printing ESB bundle (tasks 09829 and 09814), one needs to install the jackson-jaxrs-json provider in the OSGI container (smx): bundle:install mvn:com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs/jackson-jaxrs-base/2.6.3 bundle:install mvn:com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs/jackson-jaxrs-json-provider/2.6.3