Release Notes – 4.8.7

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  • 09628 procurement management (106716240958)
    • still a work in progress
    • standalone procurement web application that is optimized for mobile and communicated with metasfresh
    • procurement management in metasfresh
      • maintain vendor contracts
      • create purchase orders for the supplies reprocessed via the web app
  • FRESH-21: 09848 enable metasfresh to provide jax-rs services (101763395402)
    • Moved and extended the AD_JavaClasses framework
    • Removed javax.jnlp (it was only needed because there was some code wrt WebStart, but that’s not done anymore)
    • Removed javax.ejb (we now use for the invokations) CConnection now also uses a proxy provided by jax-rs to query the application server state The next step can be to change jboss for a less old & heavy environment, like tomcat or something else
    • Extracted de.metas.event’s JMS coded into de.metas.jms, because it’s now also used by
    • Added table AD_JAXRS_Enpoint to manage our endpoints *moving replication and metas-esb folgers into a new ad_menu folder called „communication“. Also moving the new AD_JAXRS_Enpoint windo to that folder
    • Changed startup-behavior so that when running in embedded-server-mode, the client always starts a local jms broker and also connects to it
  • FRESH-28: 09869 Enable subscription contracts (104949638829)
    • re-enabling a on-the-fly creation of subscription contracts with automated regular deliveries (via shipment schedule, of course). We implemented this some years ago, but it was in use only briefly, so in this task, adapt and polish the old code.
  • 09859 Fix open items report – the whole query shall go in the reporting function (103228618621)
    • refactored the reports to be more maintainable and easier to support
  • 09766 VAT codes (107418136945)
    • new accounting report centered on VAT codes


  • 09643 Zahlung und Zahlung-Zuordnung Datum unterschiedlich (108395556223)
  • 09894 take email address on inout from contact and not properties (108765877478)
  • 09901 Report for packaging material balance: recap differences
  • 09890 Manual Fixing of voided bankstatement after ESR Import (108847010077)
    • when a bankstatement is voided, all ESR import lines (if any) are unlinked from the bank statement
  • 09862 Report Footer missing in inout jasper from Wareneingang POS
  • 09861 Error ESR Import with Partner that has Value bigger than 1000
  • when creating an accounting fact_acct for a C_BankStatementLine_Ref, we now set the fact_acct’s C_BPartner_ID correctly
  • 09643 Zahlung und Zahlung-Zuordnung Datum unterschiedlich (108395556223)
    • when allocating an invoice with a payment, we now use the later date of the two documents in that allocation