Release – 4.16.15

Mark KrakeBlog, Release Notes (Englisch)

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metasfresh 4.16.15 is a minor release that includes a number of new features and bug fixes, as listed in the list of Features and Fixes below.

Would you like to grab the source code? You can find it here
Or would you prefer to download and test the binary version directly? Here you can and find further instructions. If you need help please chat with us and let us know.


The 4.16.15 Release includes major and minor enhancements. Below is a list of the new Features:

  • FRESH-259 Completely remove zkwebui from metasfresh

    Getting rid of WebUI based on ZK. The path of metasfresh is a new WebUI based on technologies and Open Source Frameworks which allow a more flexible Implementation.

  • FRESH-261 Create simple process to change the hostname of a device configuration

    Adding a simple Database function to do the job for now.


The 4.16.15 Release includes different minor Bugfixes. Below is a list of the issues we solved:

  • FRESH-267 aparently Loglevels are changed somewhere in the code

    Fixing an issue where Loglevels were changed in Code. This has some ugly sideeffects in large environments with quickly raising Logfiles in size.

  • FRESH-270 material tracking: total received qty and scrap sometimes missing on invoice

    Minor issue. Fixed an issue where those two invoice detail records were attached to a not-displayed group.

  • FRESH-234 report sales inout qtys for products and TUs are not alligned

    Minor layout issue. Improved the layout of InOut Jasper Document, aligning to seperate header lines and fields.