Release – 4.26.25

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„Thanks a lot to all contributors!“

Procurement bidding Web Application is ready! metasfresh 4.26.23 includes the new major feature for Procurement bidding and different fixes as listed below.

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The 4.26.25 Release includes the following new Features:

  • FRESH-402 Procurement bidding

    Major new Feature allowing an efficient Procurement Request for bidding workflow, including the extended Procurement bidding web application and automated creation of procurement candidates for selected winners.

  • #182 FRESH-510 Report "Wareneingangsbeleg" with Information "1." / "2. Waschprobe"

    Small layout-change and additional field for quality inspection. Thanks to our new contributor @Spavetti

  • #185 Fresh-512 Receipt POS - sometimes gets wrong numbers from weighting machines

    Additional glasspane implementation to avoid uncontrolled button activations during the wighing process in Material receipt. Extended logging of weighing information.

  • #119 FRESH-455 different email per org in inout print preview

    Possibility to define and use different eMail adresses for InOuts, depending on document Organization.

  • #142 FRESH-479 C_AllocationHdr.C_AllocationHdr_ID: Loader too many records

    Changed the Fieldreference in Subtab to Search-Field to improve opening Performance.

  • #150 FRESH-492 Fix implementation for BPartner Statistics

    Refactoring, code improvement

  • #128 FRESH-465 Extend Record_ID Column Implementation

    Extended the Record_ID column Feature to allow more than 1 generic table-record-button to jump to referenced Dataset.

  • #145 FRESH-482 Don't log migration scripts if the transaction failed

    Migration Scripts are not not logged anymore when Transaction fails.


In Release 4.26.25 the following Bugfixes were done. Here you can find the list of issues that were solved:

  • #197 FRESH-519 Payment void or reverse correct

    Fixed a Bug that could occure when trying to void or reverse-correct a Payment Document.

  • #151 FRESH-491 When creating a new organization, don't create org access for System role

    Now we don’t automatically create an Org Access for System Role anymore.

  • #202 FRESH-522 Payment-in-out-allocation buggy when partial allocation

    Fixed the newly introduced Feature about allocating 2 Payments (in-out) in cornercase with partial allocated Payments.

  • Further minor Bugfixes

    #204 FRESH-525 db_columns_fk view is not working correctly anymore
    #194 FRESH-517 Jasper Report Error:
    #158 FRESH-495 Make NotificationCtxProvider thread safe


The metasfresh Documentation project is growing fast. You can find the current Documentation status here: