Release 4.36.35

Mark KrakeBlog, Release Notes (Englisch)


metasfresh 4.36.35 is our biggest release aver since now! Thanks a ton to all contributors that made this possible!

This release is a metasfresh Milestone. We have released the new Ubuntu 16.04. installer for metasfresh and the initial development of the new metasfresh WebUI and corresponding RestAPI and Backend changes for that. Further on we also proceeded with our daily project business and included new funtionalities and Bugfixes.

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This milestone Release includes a lot of new stuff. Check it out!

  • #395 Add Description in Jasper Invoice Vendor

    Added a new row in Vendor Invoice to allow the display of optional line Text.

  • ME-46 Support Ubuntu 16.04 server with metasfresh server installer

    Milestone Feature: Provided a new metasfresh installer for Ubuntu 16.04

  • #369 request report

    Provided an excel report for quality analysis bases on dispute request history and data.

  • #361 Request change for customer service

    Added possibility for dispute requests

  • #377 Implement executed SQLs tracing

    Admin Functionality to enable better Performance Tracking of SQL.

  • #338 Get rid of legacy NOT-EQUALS operators from logic expression

    Getting rid of not-equals operators in logic expressions.

  • #333 All tables shall have a single column primary key

    Change needed for metasfresh WebUI and Rest API. All tables used in WebUI/ Rest API shall have a primary Key.

  • #21 UI Style default for elements

    WebUI Fallback Szenario for elements when UI Style is not explicitly set.

  • #18 Optimization of root & node requests.

    Added limitCount to path elements to allow accurate results for Navigational structure in WebUI.

  • #16 Implement virtual document fields support

    New functionality for WebUI to allow fields with content computed by Business Logic.

  • #14 Layout documentSummaryElement field to be used for rendering breadcrumb info

    Added DocumentSummary support for breadcrumbs in metasfresh WebUI/ Rest API.

  • #13 elementPath should return path without element

    Possibility to return path without leaf node.

  • #11 Implement grid view support

    Awesome, new possibility to open Windows in grid view representation.

  • #10 implement documents filtering support

    Providing metadata for filtering via RestAPI for example for grid view.

  • #9 provide precision for numeric layout elements

    WebUI: Detailed precision funcionality for amount and costs/ prices elements.

  • #7 provide "grid-align" for layout elements

    Generic alignment possibility via application dictionary used for metasfresh WebUI.

  • #24 Breadcrumb Navigation Plural caption

    Added a plural caption for WebUI Breadycrumb navigation.


Huge steps made in fixing minor issues in this release.

  • #411 missing index on C_OrderTax.C_Order_ID

    Performance change. Adding index for c_ordertax.

  • #367 Invoice candidates invoicing Pricelist not found

    Fixing a minor issue during invoiceing. Pricelist was not found under certain circumstances.

  • #380 duplicate lines in inout

    Eliminating an issue when deactivating a product and adding another product with same EDI GLN.

  • #348 Sort tabs shall consider Link column and parent link column if set

    Fixing issue considering link and parent column when sorting.

  • #330 Process's RefreshAllAfterExecution does not work when the record was moved

    Eliminiating an issue when refreshing after execution of processes.

  • #327 Got NPE when completing a drafted order

    Fixing a Null Pointer Exception when trying to complete a drafted order document.

  • #337 ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "c_bpartner_stats_c_bpartner_id_unique" triggered from some callouts

    Fixing an exception when trying to select a BPartner without valid ship location in Sales Order.

  • FRESH-257 WI1 - rendering a window with tab, one field per field type incl. editor and fieldgroup

    Initial WebUI Proof of Concept Task. A lot has already done since this one, even more to be expected.

  • FRESH-369 Change bpartner in order -> pricelist does not update

    Fixing callout issue not updateing the correct pricelist whan changing a Business Partner in Sales Order.

  • #379 Included tab randomly not working in inout and invoice

    Fixed a bug that ranomly prevented the correct rendering of included Tabs in Invoice window.

  • #12 Data not shown in SubTab

    Adjusted the data defined in RestAPI for Subtab content.

  • #311 Payment Selection Exception when not able to find bpartner account

    Added further Account seelection functionality to prevent Exception when selecting BPartner without Bank account.

  • #378 Bug in validation of field docsubtype

    Eliminated an issue whcih apperared in Doctype Definition when selecting a DocSubtype.

  • #262 sales and purchase tracking

    Minor tweaks and fixes in sales and purchase tracking Report.


The metasfresh documentation project is evolving fast. A huge „Thank you!“ to all contributors!