Release 4.42.41

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Would you like to take a look at the source code or participate in our community? You can find further information here
You just want to download and checkout the binary version directly? Here you can and find further instructions. Please let us know if you need further assitance and chat with us.


This Release includes the following new Features .

  • #500 Migration: Create Requests for all inout lines with quality issues

    SQL Migration Path for all Material Receipts with Quality Issues. Reclamation requests are created.

  • #514 Reclamations report: group the inouts with ff.

    Create a new Report to analyze the Performance Issues in Vendor receipts/ customer deliveries. The report shows all details to performance issues (Quanitity-, Quality-, Delivery-, Receipt-Performance).


In Release 4.42.41 the following two minor Bugfixes were solved.

  • #536 Context bug in MLookup

    Fixed a minor context Bug in MLookup Fields.

  • #540 Table and Columns - IsLazyLoading flag is not displayed

    Fixed a Bug that occured in Table and Columns Definition, preventing isLazyLoading to be shown.


The metasfresh documentation project is evolving fast. A huge „Thank you!“ to all contributors!

Are you looking for the possibility to participate in our Open Source ERP Development. Come in, you are welcome!

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