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Wow! What a huge milestone this week. We are on the last mile before releasing our new Web User Interface and the atmosphere in our community is full of energy and all are very excited about whats coming soon.

A huge „Thank you“ to all contributors!

Our new metasfresh Release 4.56.55 is out now, and we made a huge step forward again.

New contributors are welcome! Come in, join us and have fun and exciting moments.metasfresh community

It’s easy to join our community. Come in and join one of the most most actively developed Open Source ERP projects worldwide. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat
We are looking forward to meet you!


These are the new functionalities of this weeks Release.

  • #913 include branch name in build version string

    Added the branch name into the build version string to be able to distinguish between builds & rollouts in development branches.

  • #112 On login page, deactivate the fields while logging in

    Now making the login fields read-only as soon ad the authentication process is triggered.

  • #118 Functionality to easily add files to current record in webUI

    New Functionality to upload files to a given dataset in the new WebUI. This implementation is also used for the new attachment functionality.

  • #120 Material Receipt WebUI: Attribute Values wrong

    Instead of short Attribute identifiers now the resolved values are shon in the Attribute Editor.

  • #121 Empties Returns for Vendors and Customers in Material Receipt Window

    New Functionality in WebUI. Possibility to create empties return/ receive documents quickly from Material Receipts window.

  • #127 Receipt schedules - Receive with configuration improvements

    Enhanced configuration and saving functionality in material receipt workflow in webUI.

  • #132 Receiving HUs: already received HUs shall be flagged as processed

    Now flagging the already processed Handling Units in material Receipts workflow as processed and make visible to the user.

  • #226 Implement document field device support

    New generic Device functionality to add device buttons to an input field. In the first Implementation used to attach weighing machines to receive the current value for gross weight field. Can be used in Material Receipt window/ Handling Unit editor.

  • #227 Wrong breadcrumb when the view is opened after process execution

    Adjust for the breadcrumb navigation to show the corresponding path after process execution from window action.

  • #254 Cannot see the HU editor icons

    Added missing HU editor icons for logistic-, transport- and customer-unit level.

  • #256 Implement document attachments

    New, fast and easy implematation to upload attachments to an existing record in metasfresh.

  • #257 login page: focus on username

    When opening the login page to enter metasfresh webUI then initially have the focus on Username field.

  • #275 None of the menus could be opened when in full screen mode

    Allows to open all top bar menues now, also when quick batch entry mode is activated.

  • #281 Remove margin from wrapper modal to make 0-padding inside

    Adjusting the look and feel of the modal overlay, now reducing the padding to minimum

  • #734 Add Translation for en_US in WebUI

    Translation of metasfresh is now available in en_US.

  • #833 Invoice Process in Invoice Candidates WebUI

    Added the Invoiceing process to easy create customer and vendor invoices from filtered and selected records in invoice candidates window in webUI.

  • #894 Payment Allocation Window WebUI

    Added the Invoiceing process to easy create customer and vendor invoices from filtered and selected records in invoice candidates window in webUI.

  • #895 Dunning Candidates Window WebUI

    Include the Dunning Candidates window in new Web User Interface.

  • #947 Window Greeting Add Translation for en_US

    Minor enhancement, translating the Greeting window for language en_US.

  • #966 Provide WebUI Default Role

    Add a default role and permission to use the already implemented functionalities for the new Web User Interface.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this current Release.

  • #797 Zoom does not open new document

    Fix that allows to open a referenced document record in metasfresh via the reference action and zoom accross.

  • #119 Error when Pressing the Attribute Button

    Fixes an error that occured in sales order advancededit and grid view edit when trying to record product attributes.

  • #116 qty 0 in purchase order

    Fix for the Quick batch entry bug that leads into wrong quantity 0 in generated order line.

  • #229 Location editor button called "edit attributes"

    Minor fix renaming the button for Location editing.

  • #261 When the attribute is readonly don't show the Device button(s)

    Making the new Field device buttons invisible when the corresponding field in read-only.

  • #264 Included tabs layout is broken

    Fix for the broken layout of included tabs when opened in lower screen resolution.

  • #268 Wrong viewId when starting the process

    Fix that now provides the correct View-ID as process Parameter.

  • #276 Wrong timing when completing a quick input entry

    Fix for the Quick Order Batch entry that leads to wrong prices in certain cases.

  • #279 While browsing a document, pressing New does nothing

    Fixing the new document functionality in action menu while viewing a document in detail view.

  • #295 Attribute Editor too narrow

    Makes the Attribute Editor now better readable.


Are you looking forward to dive into the functionalities of metasfresh immediately then our rapidly evolving documentation is a perfect starting point.
You can find it here:

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