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This weeks Release is the biggest one in the history of our Open Source Project at metasfresh. It’s a great atmosphere in our teams, everybody working together intensively to get our new Web Interface out there in the next weeks. What an amazing effort!

Thanks a lot to all contributors!
The Release 4.57.56 is out now. This is an elephant size Release with more than 60 solved issues!

Would you also like to participate in one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide. Easy. Come in, join and start the hustle. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


The major moves this week were done in completing the requirements for the Go Live of our new Web User Interface.

  • #739 remove X_BPartner_Stats_MV

    Removing the legacy DB Table with Business Partner statistics, because of big performance penalty. Will be replaces later via modern data storage and KPI in webUI.

  • #920 Show date promised on order confirmation

    Now displaying the date promised on order confirmation document.

  • #927 Use partner specific product number and name in documents

    Extending the Jasperreports documents for order confirmation, inouts and invoices. Now displaying further customer specific product numbers and names.

  • #928 have a way to control which contact is used on addresses in order

    Enhanced functionality for the selection and usage of contact information on order confirmations. Now its possible to do detailed presettings of Business Partner contacts to be used in Sales and purchase workflows.

  • #941 Make TableSequenceChecker more robust with corner cases

    Enhancing the Table Sequence Checker to allow more robustness. Issues was recognized in corner cases of Data Life-cycle Management archiving process of legacy data.

  • #942 Improve Transparency & Usability of Pricing definitions

    Huge Improvement of Transparency & Usability of Pricing definitions. The Pricing Data Structure has grown during the last decade to allow very detailed price definitions bases on countries, currencies, products, packages, attributes and more. This lead into a data structure that is tough to understand and maintain for new users. This implementation improves the price hierarchy to allow much easier maintenance and better transparency.

  • #954 Address Layout Dunning Document

    Changed the Address Layout on Dunning Document to fit better in standardized letter envelope windows.

  • #956 Adjust Price list reports to new data structure

    Adjustments to existing Price list reports dues to refactoring of new pricing hierarchy and functionality.

  • #957 Empties Returns for Vendors and Customers in Material Receipt Window

    Implementation of empties return and receive for Business Partners. The new functionality can be used in Material Receipt candidates window and automatically creates Shipment/ Receive documents for empties with predefined settings.

  • #969 mass migration for 2014, 2015 and further

    Process to allow to archive during operational time for large chunks of data. This is a spacial migration process to prepare environments for the usage of metasfresh Data Life-cycle Management.

  • #975 Set DLM_Level via properties/preferences UI

    Allows the user to set if his client shall work with archived data or only show operational data (highly improved performance).

  • #993 New ProductPrice Window for Price Maintenance

    A new Windows called Product Price which allows the easy filtering and maintenance of all product prices. The user filters the data via preset Price List version and is able to maintain the data vie Grid view or single view/ advanced edit.

  • #981 Introduce AD_PInstance(AD_Pinstance_ID, ColumnName) unique index

    Minor improvement to raise the reading performance of Process Instances.

  • #983 Upgrade guava version from 18 to 21

    Upgrading guava (google core libraries) from version 18 to 21.

  • #986 Handle the case that PO can't load a record

    Allows now fallback scenarios (for example retry) for the Persistance Object to retry in case of thrown exceptions during record loading.

  • #1018 support description fields in shipment

    Add the fields description bottom and description to metasfresh client in Shipment Window and displays the field content also on Shipment Jasperreports.

  • #146 Receipt schedules: show empties receive/return actions only when only one row is selected

    Possible actions are now only shown when at least 1 Grid View row is selected. if none are selected then the actions menu is shown, but actions are not able to be started.

  • #147 HU editor: hide filters because they are not supported atm

    Currently hiding the filter selection in Handling Unit editor until the implementation of filtering is also done in this modal overlay window.

  • #138 change name of new record button

    The button for new Record is now variable depending on the settings in ad_menu and ad_menu_trl.

  • #252 Add keyboard handling in POS

    Implemented an improved keyboard navigation in the new metasfresh WebUI. Shortcuts and unified behavior is now provided among different windows.

  • #215 Shortcut for direct Document Action "complete"

    Further usability Improvement. Added a new shortcut for document complete action. This action is mostly used among all documents and reduces the amount of user keystrokes or mouse click by 1 per document.

  • #227 Processed HU in Material Receipt Workflow

    When creating a Material Receipt in handlign Unit editor, then the processed Handling Units are now read-only and are grayed out, so the user can distinguis very well beween proceed and unprocessed Handling Units.

  • #282 Implement attachments list in Actions menu

    The action menu now shows another section called „attachments“ where all files are listet that are attached to the currently selected record (e.g. product record, document). Photos made per Webcam and uploaded are also automatically shown as Photo attachment.

  • #323 Provide login credentials in request body

    Created a new API to provide the login credentials in the request body instead of parameters.

  • #996 Add Warehouse and processed Filter to Material Receipt Candidates Window

    The Window Material Receipt candidates has now 2 further filter selections (Warehouse, processed). This allows the user to search and filter the needed Data much faster.

  • #265 Create Jenkinsfile for metasfresh-webui-frontend

    Including the automatic build of the metasfresh WebUI into the Jenkins Build Infrastructure.

  • #345 Grid view layout: honor supportNewRecord and newRecordCaption

    Implementation that brings New Record information up to the frontend and allowss the frontend now to react in a more flexible way.

  • #162 Possibility to choose used filter criteria for webUI

    Reducing the amount of predefined filter selections per window to saved filter sets created by special user.

  • #1014 Window Layout Purchase Order: Warehouse

    This is an Feature List Item that is part of an Feature List. Notice the connector between the three graphics to show that they are related.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #161 Fix price list generation

    Enabled the functionality in WebUI to generate new Product prices via the Pricelist Version record and configured calculation Schema with source Price List.

  • #912 New role added .. login not possible after that

    Fixed a minor Bug that restricted the login after creating a new Role.

  • #998 ClassNotFoundException: de.metas.dlm.swingui.model.interceptor.Main

    Bugfix for ClassNotFound Exception in Data Life-cycle Management Interceptor.

  • #1010 M_ProductPrice with Season fix price=Y should not be modified when copied

    Fix that now prohibits the modification of Product Prices which are flagged as SeasonFixPrice during copy.

  • #124 Default/ Standard Filter not correct in WebUI

    Fix to show the right default Filters in WebUI as defined in Search Columns in Swing Client for a given window.

  • #135 process parameter defaults are not set

    Fix that ensures the proper setting of report Parameters in WebUI to Jasperreports to allow creation of reports.

  • #137 Make sure ProcessInstance is not override by concurrent REST api call

    Fixing timing conditions that lead to overriding ProcessInstance through concurrent REST API call.

  • #141 edit address not working anymore

    Fix to allow the usage of buttons in the advanced edit overlays of WebUI (for example Button for location editor or Attributes Editor)

  • #145 HU editor - Create material receipt not enabled when the whole palet is selected

    Fix that enables the QuickAction in Handling Unit Editor of Material Receipt when selecting an HU with LU Level (e.g. Pallet)

  • #150 Material Receipt Candidates not updated after receive HU

    Fixed a Bug that occured when doing mass enqueing of invoice candidate lines of different business partner.

  • #155 Error in invoice candidate enqueuing

    Fixed a Bug that occured when doing mass enqueing of invoice candidate lines of different business partners.

  • #157 Receive HU opens with 10 LUs

    Bugfix for Material Recipts via Handling Unit Editor. Always opened with wrong amount of Top Level Handling Units (LU).

  • #164 Create migration script for missing Menu

    Recreated the missing migration for the newly built WebUI menu with flatter and more comprehensible Hierarchy and Structure.

  • #168 internal: Don't create layout elements if there are no fields inside

    Fixed a Bug that occured first time in General Ledger window in WebUI, caused through layout elements without included fields.

  • #170 date attributes in hu modal window

    Bugfix to allow the setting and editing of attributes in date format.

  • #171 No packing item selectable for M_HU_PI_Item_Product

    Fix to allow the user to select the Packing Item field in WebUI.

  • #172 Entries skipped at the begining of pages

    Fixed a User Interface bug that caused ugly jumps of the Grid View/ Table View when turning pages.

  • #263 Grid view attributes were queried when there are no rows

    Fix in Handling Unit Editor that was trying to read data for an already reversed/ vanished Handling unit.

  • #294 Leave Location editor with no entry

    Bugfix. The user is now allowed to leave the location editor in Business Partner Location without changing any data.

  • #311 Fix the scrollbars when having an overlay grid view

    Rearrangement of the Handling Unit Editor layout to not overload the window with too many scrollbars when not really needed.

  • #313 Scrollbar missing on LU/ TU Level in HU Editor

    Now the horizontal scrollbar is shown directly on Handling Unit Editor when opening the modal overlay. Before was only usable when scrolled down first.

  • #314 Grid view filtering: don't send valueTo if it's not a range parameter

    Avoid the sending of the valueTo as longs it’s not a range parameter.

  • #315 Quick action button layout is broken on smaller resolution

    Fixed the responsive layout of the Quick Input Button behavior on smaller screen resolutions.

  • #317 Quick actions are not refreshed when opening the modal HU editor

    Fix that now refreshes the list of available quick actions when opening the modal Handling Unit Editor overlay.

  • #322 Quick input's mandatory=false not respected

    Now evaluating the mandatory false parameter in Quick Batch entry functionality.

  • #330 HUEditor displays HUs which are destroyed

    The Handling Unit is now not showing Handling Units anymore which are destroyed (e.g. after reversing the creation of an already active Handling Unit).

  • #331 Debug/fix: if a PATCH operation fails some wrong calls are performed

    Bugfix for Patch Operation that lead into wrong calls to REST API.

  • #333 The whole process parameters content vanished

    Process Panel fix in Handling Unit Editor that caused the initialization of the whole panel and left it empty.

  • #353 Wrong sitemap breadcrumb

    Fix for a minor Issue that showed the wrong breadcrumb path when opening the sitemap.

  • #354 Filter w/o variable Parameters not working

    Fixed a Bug that prevented Filter selections without variable Filter criteria included.

  • #364 Handling Unit Double click Icon changes data underneath overlay

    Now preventing clicks on modal overlay leading to navigational main window changes underneath.

  • #259 Grid view selection lost when trying to use the scroll bar

    Now keeping the Grid selections intact when using the scrollbar.

  • #352 Lines not "refreshed" after docaction reactivation

    Bugfix that now refreshes the document lines after reactivation action.

  • #383 Shortcut for Batch entry space not usable when in input field

    Fix for keyboard navigation shortcut that now allows the direct jump to Quick Batch entry even when in field focus.

  • #376 Don't render unknown widget types but log in console

    Built restriction to not render unnown widget types in metasfresh WebUI.

  • #350 Strange pulse effect in Subtab Gridview

    Fix for minor issue in Pulse effect when updating document rows.

  • #176 Attributes editor problems

    Now the editing of all listed attributes are allowed in Attribute editor when displayed.


If your are looking for where to start with learning the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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