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We are very happy to announce our major release 5.0 today! Our community worked more than one year towards this milestone, that lifts metasfresh to the cloud and provides a new & lightning fast and user focused web Interface based on ReactJS, Redux and a completely new developed Rest-API.
Would you like to try our new major release and check the awesome interface? We will provide the possibility to do that in the next days. Stay tuned. We would love to hear from you and what impression you have about it.

This weeks release is the biggest one in the short history of our Open Source Project at metasfresh.
Thanks a lot to all our contributors! You’re amazing!

Thanks a lot to all contributors!
Our Release of 5.0 is out now, ready for the cloud.

Would you also like to participate in one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide. Easy. Come in, join and start the hustle. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


This release is filled with a large amount of new and important features.

  • #987 Create a vertical solution for organisations

    Adding customizations for associations/ organisations as a vertical solution based on metasfresh.

  • #1000 Support long address in letter window

    Now long addresses are supported in documents for a proper display in a letter window.

  • #1035 DLM - restrict number of mass-archived records

    Performance and Database autovacuum improvement. Segmenting the mass archiving to allow better database maintenance.

  • #1046 Automatic Naming of Pricelist Version Name

    Introducing the automatic naming of pricelist Version, adding the neede Informations into the Version identifier.

  • #1070 Price not transferred to flatrate term

    Enhancing the processing of flatrate Terms after recording in orderline. Now also transferring the price into the flatrate term data after order completion.

  • #1071 Empties document Jasper takes very long to generate

    Improving the performance of empties document generation.

  • #1075 Create Window for Material Tracking in WebUI

    New Window „Material Tracking“ in WebUI, allowing the creation and maintenance of material Tracking datasets in preparation for usage in procurement, receipt and manufacuring. Material Tracking is important for the retraceability of products in metasfresh.

  • #1079 Refine the Material Receipt Candidates Grid View

    Adding detailed Layout to material Receipts Candidates Grid view to allow the receipt user to have a better overview.

  • #1080 Virtual Column for qtyenteredTU from Purchase Orderline in Receipt Candidate

    Introduced a virtual column qtyEnteredTU in Material Receipt candidate, to be able to compare ordered TU qty with the already received TU Quantity.

  • #1081 Allow the generic configuration of C_Printing_Queue_Recipient_IDs for system users

    New Printing Client Functionality to allow the generic configuration of Printing Queue recepients for system users.

  • #1090 Introduce C_BPartner_QuickInput table/window to capture new BPartners

    New Table created for Business Partner creation on the fly during Order editing.

  • #1105 Translate Action in Material Receipt Schedule for de_DE

    Translating some of the Quickactions in Material Receipt Candidate window.

  • #1107 Implement interactive mode for RolloutMigrate

    Adding a interactive mode for sql_remote.

  • #1113 BPartner quick input modal overlay Layout for WebUI

    Created a new Layout based on C_BPartner_QuickInput table and open it in Sales Order editing of Order Partner as „new Partner“ action.

  • #1118 Change migration scripts folder from TEMP to METASFRESH_HOME/migration_scripts/

    Customizing and migration enhancement. Now the automatically generated migration scripts for application dictionary changes are saved in dedicated migration-scripts filder instead of TEMP.

  • #1126 Possibility for easiest regression Test with old and new Pricing Hierarchy

    Testing SQL to check if the migration of old Pricing Hierarchy to new one was sucessful.

  • #1130 LU Transform "own Palette" Packing material

    New functionality to set a „own palette“ flag in Handling Unit Editor of Material Receipt, to allow the usage of own Packing Material (here only palettes) that are then not added to Material Receipt Lines from the vendor.

  • #1132 Close/ Open Action for Material Receipt Candidate Lines

    Adding the Open/ Close processes to quickaction drop-down in Material Receipt candidates Window allowing the user to mrk rows as „processed“ or reopen processed rows..

  • #1133 Reorder the columns in Grid View for Material Receipt Window

    Reordering columns in Material Receipt Grid View in WebUI.

  • #1135 Translation de_DE for Process Empties receive

    Adding a new Translation for „Empties receive“ action in Material Receipt Candidates Window in WebUI.

  • #181 Transforming HU in Handling Unit Editor

    New Functionality in Handling Unit Management. Possibility to apply different actions on Handling Units to transform the Packing, Quantities and Hierarchy easily.

  • #199 KPI master data shall provide to frontend a recommended refresh interval

    New automatic refresh functionality for Dashboard KPI. The KPI now automatically gets the fresh data automatically and updates the KPI with changed data.

  • #206 CU Handling Unit creation without multiline

    Now the multiline functionality for creating CU without packing material (TU, LU) is allowed also for only 1 selected line.

  • #207 Prohibit Material Receipt w/ selection of multi BP

    Disallowing the Material Receipt workflow when lines with different vendors are selected. This was a confusing experiance for the user, so we decided to switch off this functioanlity.

  • #208 Receive CU w/ possible quantity adjustment

    Adjustments to the action „Receive CU“, now allowing the change of the initial quantity to be received.

  • #209 HU Automatic Label Printing when received

    New Functionality that automatically print the Material Receipt Label for the LU as soon as the HU is switched from planning status to active. This allows a more efficient workflow for the user and avoids the printing of labels before being operative (active).

  • #223 Attributes shall be shown on CU level too

    Possibility to now edit Attributes also on CU Level.

  • #228 Remaining TU Qty in Quickaction and HU Config

    When using transform actions in Handling Unit editor, now setting the quantity of the source HU automatically in the Parameter window as initial, but overwritable quantity.

  • #234 HU Config in handling Unit Editor

    Providing an action to transform Handling Units into other Handling Unit combinations in Handling Unit Editor.

  • #236 Remaining TU Qty in Receive HUs window

    Automatically calculating the remaining TU Quantity to receive in Material Receipt Canddate Window.

  • #126 Add new Business Partner functionality in search Field

    New Feature that allows to create a new customer Business Partner on the fly when editing a sales Order. This new functionality automatically is suggested to the user when the businesspartner search does not find a result.

  • #446 Error indicator for fields

    Introducing new Error indicators for fiels, allowing to provide detailed information to the user in case of error situations for a field. The available information is shown with a red color on the field and available when hovering then field with the mouse.

  • #447 Not saved indicator for Grid view lines

    Introducing a „not saved indicator“ for grid view lines, now giving the user the transparency to recognize why a line cannot be saved.

  • #448 Query on activate document included tab

    Introducing a „not saved indicator“ for grid view lines, now giving the user the transparency to recognize why a line cannot be saved.

  • #452 Saving Indicator Bar in modal window

    Adding the global save indicator bar also to modal overlays.

  • #482 Quick actions not queried in HU editor for included rows

    Added a missing functionality, so that now quick actions can be used also for newly added rows in Handling Unit Editor.

  • #488 Restrict the minimum size of action menu

    Layout change to prohibit the action menu getting to narrow, disallowing the user to read the actions.

  • #490 Filter drop-down list too narrow

    Layout change to prohibit the filter drop-down list getting to narrow, disallowing the user to read the filter criteria.

  • #510 Improved Not Saved Indicator design

    Nice improvement for the design of the not saved indicator. It is now a thin red line instead of the saved indicator.

  • #1073 Material Receipt Candidates order by Purchase Order ID desc

    New Order by criteria for the Grid view in the Material Receipt Candidates Window.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #936 Logfile on application-server gets flooded

    Fixes an issue that leads to hig volument logging on metasfresh application server.

  • #1039 Make C_OrderLine.M_Product_ID mandatory

    Minor Fix making the Orderline ID mandatory.

  • #1056 Purchase Order from Sales Order process, wrong InvoiceBPartner

    Fixes a Bug that did not select the correct Invoice Business Partrner Vendor from the Partner Releationship having the delivery vendor Partner different than the Invoice Business Partner vendor.

  • #1059 ShipmentScheduleBL.updateSchedules fails after C_Order was voided

    Minor fix in the ShipmentScheduler update that failed for a cornercase when the sales Order was voided.

  • #1068 Settings on Swing Client are saved but window does not close

    Minor fix in Swing Client Settings window. Changes to the settings were save but it was not possible to close the window via done after any change.

  • #1076 NoDataFoundHandlers can cause StackOverflowError

    Fix for a Bug cause through new Data Lifecycle Management Feature.

  • #1088 pricing problem wrt proccurement candidates

    Fix a minor Bug that was introduced with the new pricing changes.

  • #1094 Drop deprecated and confusing I_AD_User get/setFirstName methods

    Dropping lagacy getter/ setter for FirstName LastName of User data.

  • #1097 field too small in jasper document for invoice

    Enhancing a field size in JasperReports Invoice Document.

  • #1099 Fix Materialentnahme movement creation

    Includes a fix for the Material Movement creation for used products in Swing Handling Unit editor.

  • #1103 TU Ordered Qty in Material Receipt Schedule shows movedQty

    Fix in the virtual column Ordered Quantitity TU that showed the moved Quantity instead.

  • #1106 inactive org still selectable on login

    Fixes the login procedure, now disallowing the loging for inactive Organisations.

  • #1110 webui HU Editor: conversion error when selecting SubProducer

    Fixing an error that prohibited the editing of Subproducers in the Material Receipt Handling Unit Editor.

  • #1121 TU receipt label is just a white sheet of paper

    Fixes an error in the printing process of Material Receipts and Labels via the standalone printing client and WebUI Interface.

  • #187 Documents shall automatically have a default value for standard fields

    Enhancement to automaticall have default values for document standard fields.

  • #188 Field's mandatory flag is not considered

    Fixes cases in WebUI that shall trigger a mandatory behavior for input fields.

  • #213 Use document's BPartner language when printing

    Fixes the output of Documents. Now also in WebUI the documents are created in the Business Partner Language.

  • #222 Carrot Paloxe Error in Material Receipt

    Fixing an error that appeared when receiving HU which were not LU Level.

  • #225 Receipt Candidates - Foto process is not attaching the picture

    Fixes the save process when taking a photo via webcam in material Receipt Candidates. The Photo is automatically uploaded and saved as attachment to the candidate record.

  • #237 Transform CU on existing TU not working

    Fixes an error when trying to transform a CU Handling Unit to an already existing TU.

  • #214 Global shortcuts are not working when focused in inputs

    Fixing some of the global shortcuts when the focus is on an input field.

  • #465 DateTime widget not respected in included tab

    Fix that now also uses the correct widget for DateTime fields.

  • #473 Sidelist broken

    Fixing a bug that broke the sidelist.

  • #485 Subtab 100% height broken again

    Fixing the Layout of included subtabs when subtab lines are able to fit completely on one screen.

  • #487 Expand batch entry when completed docuement

    Fixed an error that appeared when the user tried to use the batch entry mode expansion with a completed document.

  • #489 Grid view not refreshed on websocket event

    Fix for websocket eventy that triggers the refresh of the Grid View after external data changes.


If your are looking for where to start with learning the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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