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What an exciting last month March 2017 is now behind our project. The preparation of the webUI just getting finished with our major 5.0 release days in advance of the Chemnitzer Linux Days. The atmosphere there was awesome and we were able to talk to a lot of great people there, providing us with a lot of valuable feedback about our project community and of course our ERP Software. A week later we were at the CeBIT 2017 with our own stand in the Open Source Park. What an exciting week, having a lot of awesome talks with great people. All the effort for preparation and getting ready just in time, was absolutely worth it.
Thanks a lot to all contributors and to all people that gave us feedback about our work. It means the world to us.
Currently we are focusing on doing stabilisation and are further working on detailed improvements of the new Web User Interface. One of the main efforts at the moment is the implementation of our new manufacturing functionality which will get a complete new planning step „manufacturing disposition“ and a new and user friendly User Interface in the WebUI. The time from demand to execution will be reduced dramatically with this new Implementation. We are planning to have the first Milestone finished for this in early June.

Thanks a lot to all contributors!
Thanks a lot to all our guests and visitors at Chemnitzer Linux Tage and CeBIT 2017!

Would you like to participate in one of the most active Free and Open Source ERP Projects worldwide.
If you have fun with complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. Don’t search any longer or are just searching for a community with awesome people then you have found the right ones here. 😉
Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


These are our new features developed and finished in the last week.

  • #1199 user credentials of "SuperUser" are renamed to metasfresh

    Changing the default login credentials to the vanilla system to metasfresh/ metasfresh.

  • #1197 Introduce AdempiereException setParameter/getParameters

    Introducing getter and setter for Parameters in ADempiereException.

  • #1202 Clean up ReplicationException

    Maintenance Task. Cleaning up the addParameter method in Replication Exception which is now available in ADempiereException and therfor deprecated.

  • #1201 Add Manufacturing Order Window for WebUI

    Adding a new window to webUI for Manufacturing Order. This is the first step in the new Manufacuring Project introducing Manufacturing disposition and WebUI Interface. The first Milestone of the Project is planned for early June 2017.

  • #273 remove deprecated staleTabIds

    Adding a functionality to not show stale Tabs in WebUI.

  • #272 Document Line Delete Behaviour

    Adjusting the delete behavior of document lines. Now the line also visibly dissappears after delete action.

  • #276 Cannot change BPartner address

    Now allowing the change of BusinessPartner Locations after initial creation.

  • #118 Copy-paste behaviour for document and lists

    New functionality to Copy-Paste Grid view content in webUI. This was an activly used functionality in Swing User Interface now ported to the new WebUI.

  • #442 Image Widget from Attachment in User Window

    New Image widget for WebUI. Will be able to used to include images/ phots for record which are attached to a record.


We’ve got rid of some bumpy features and bugs in the last week.

  • #1194 HU "Herkunft" HU_Attribute is not propagated from LU to VHU

    Fix for the the propagation of attributes top-down. In this case an Attribute added to the Top-Level HU was not propagated down to the included Customer Units.

  • #1203 Rounding of weights after split in HU Editors is not working correctly

    Fixing the rounding of weights after Split with the new HU compression Implementation.

  • #1237 Split fails with aggregate HUs that don't have an integer storage qty

    Fixes a Bug that appeared when splitting HU generated with the new HU Compression functionality and dis not lead into an integer number storage quantity.

  • #133 Notification display problem

    Fixes a display bug in notifications created for the user after finishing asynchronous generated documents. Some documents were displayed more than once.

  • #469 missing value to for range date-time filter

    Fixes the Bug in Date Range filter widget, where the selection possibility for date-to was missing.

  • #470 changing AM to PM in Date+Time fields

    Adjustment of Date-Time Fields, fixing the wrong AP/ PM declaration.

  • #475 When editing the text field in grid mode i cannot see selected text

    Color Adjustment of selected Text. Now allowing the user to see what is selected.

  • #593 DocAction bug when opening a document from references of another

    Fixes a Bug that appeared when jumping to referenced documents without a valid docaction.


Would you like to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP? Then check out our rapidly growing Documentation. You can find it here:

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