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The focus we set on this week’s release was on further stabilisation and improvements of the new metasfresh WebUI. Thanks a lot to all contributors for your participation. You’ve done an amazing effort again.

Contributors, another great job done again! Thanks a lot to all! Our Release 5.3 is out now!

Would you like to participate in an awesome and exciting Open Source Community and have fun with complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. Then don’t search any longer, you have arrived. 😉 Come in and join metasfresh. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


These are the new features we have finished in this weeks release.

  • #741 packing material product category config

    New functionality to be able to define the package material category per organisational unit, so that jasper reports can do the package material groupings because of that.

  • #995 Translation en_US for Material Receipt Candidates Window

    Adding the initial set of Translation en_US to the material Receipt Candidates Window in WebUI.

  • #1181 Refine Layout for Attribute Window in WebUI

    Adding the initial Layout for the Attribute Window in WebUI.

  • #1182 Create Layout for User Window in WebUI

    Adding the initial Layout for the User window into WebUI.

  • #1185 Initial Layout for vendor Invoices in WebUI

    Adding the initial Layout for vendor Invoice Window in WebUI.

  • #1205 Provide Default KPI Config

    Prepared a default KPI Configuration to show an example Dashboard based on elasticsearch and with KPI done with D3JS on the entry screen of metasfresh after login.

  • #1206 Remove Gebinderückgabe from Shipment Note for mf15 endcustomer

    Removing the Text for „empties return“ in Shipment Documents for default Jasper Docuiment. The Text does not make sense for companies that don’t use the empties management functionality.

  • #1222 Show orderline description only in the first column of the Jasper

    Enhanced Reports definition, so that orderline desciptions are only shown in the first column, and not overlaying the others anymore.

  • #1228 create translate properties for footer report

    New properties file for the footer subreport for Jasper documents. Now allowing to add translations for that.

  • #1247 Don't try to create empties movements if empties warehouse same as current warehouse

    Now not creating movements anymore if the source and target warehouse of empty movements are identical.

  • #1248 Empties movements are not generated from empties shipment/receipt

    Fixing a bug that did not create movements for empties receive documents after completion.

  • #1249 Initial Layout for Material Movement Window WebUI

    Adding the initial Windows Layout for material movements in WebUI.

  • #1256 Database tables are created in wrong schema

    Fixes a Bug that created db tables in wrong schema. Now the tables are created in public schema again.

  • #1268 Do not print label automatically by default on material receipt

    Switching off the automatic label printing in material receipt for default configurations.

  • #1277 Migrate current WebUI Menu from Development to master

    Migration script for the currents metasfresh webUI menu tree, now showing the new windows.

  • #541 Hide new and delete included documents when they are not available.

    New Functionality to show/ not show the new and delete buttons on included tabs/ subtabs if not available.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1191 small adjustments in jasper documents

    Adding a few detailed adjustments to the default metasfresh documents layout, especially for cases when generating documents with many lines.

  • #1222 Show orderline description only in the first column of the Jasper

    Adjustment of the document line description field now defining boundaries for the field content on the generated Jasper Documents making the content better readable.

  • #1225 Drop legacy jasper sql logic

    Maintainance of Jasper Document SQL. Removing legacy SQL that’s not needed anymore.

  • #1240 Number-of-copies parameter is ignored in direct print

    Fixes the document printing copies configuration. The number of copies parameter is now also considered in direct print.

  • #1244 Shipment Schedule's QtyDeliveredTU is not updated correctly

    Fixed a minor bug that prevented the update of the QtyDelivered TU Field in Shipment schdules.

  • #1260 DocumentNo not generated for manual invoices in WebUI

    Adding a minor fix to the customer Invoice Window in WebUI, that prevented the creation of manual Invoices for customers.

  • #1263 ITrxListener.afterCommit is fired twice with TrxPropagation.REQUIRES_NEW

    Fixes the double tap of ITrxListener.afterCommit.

  • #1267 Cannot open ASI editor in Swing

    The Attrubute Set Instance Widget could not be opened in Swing Client anymore. This Bugfix now enables that again.

  • #1272 Vendor ADR configuration not initially considered in Orderline

    Fixing a Bug that prevented the default settings of vendor attributes in orderline.

  • #1274 webui - allow using the session's remote host name or IP as hostkey

    New feature that allows to use the sessions host name or IP Address as hostkey for printing rounting and configuration.

  • #277 Don't export JSONDocument.fields if empty

    Fixes a Bug that exported empty JSON Document Fields

  • #283 Build does not use the specified parent version

    Fix for maven/ build system to fetch the specified parent version for build.

  • #284 HU editor: Cannot receive stand alone TUs by default

    Now also standalone Transport Units can be received and processed in Material Receipt.

  • #289 New/Delete buttons missing when a document was initially loaded

    Now showing the New and Delete Buttons in Subtabs/ included Tabs, when initially loaded.

  • #594 inform users that only Chrome is currently supported on login screen

    The current development for metasfresh WebUI ist done optimized for Chrome browser. Now informing the user about that on login screen, if trying to login with other browser.

  • #595 kpi disappears when minimize


  • #597 cancel on "Do you really want to leave?" sends you 2 steps back

    Fix for the leave confirmation popup. Now only going back 1 step after confiormation.

  • #609 Included subtab height 100% broken again

    Fix for the 100% height Layout of windows with included Tab. Subtab Shall always expand to 100% of screen resolution height until available spave is used. After that exceeding page size.

  • #616 delete option missing after add new

    The delete Button is now available again after starting the add new action.


Do you want to learn more about the metasfresh and its sophisticated functionalities? Then check out our fast evolving Documentation and additional animations for a quick overview. You can find it here:

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