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It’s really nice to see how the development of metasfresh has evolved in the past few weeks.
The very busy time previous to our metasfresh WebUI major Release 5.0, developed with React/ Redux WebUI, the development was very well characterized by stabilising and finishing a lot of different things, in the User Interface and Rest-API Projects, most of them essential parts for our our Go-Live of the new Web Interface.

Now, the current development is again focused on the implementation of new features in the back-end. Currently, the new major functionalities that will come soon are a new RMA and disposal workflow and a completely new developed manufacturing functionality with async BOM explosion and material candidates. Stay tuned for those, they are planned for the first Release in beginning of May.

This Release 5.5 has a few new features. The new sidelist is now the home for all record relevant dependencies and is now quickly available with 1 keystroke for efficient navigation. Further on we have included another set of windows into the WebUI which are now available and ready to use.

To all Contributors „Thank you very much! You’ve done an amazing effort again.“

Contributors, Thank you! You’ve done a great job again.
Our Release 5.5 is out!

Are you searching for a possibility to participate in an awesome and very active Open Source Community and have fun with complex business cases but also on bleeding edge web technologies. Don’t search any longer. Come in and join metasfresh. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #695 swingUI provide lib-dirs to access user jars and dlls at runtime

    Adding a possibility to provide user jars and dlls at runtime for swing client, thanks to @homebeaver.

  • #992 Allow subscription without shipment

    Allowing to use subsriptions for services that are not „shipped“ and therfor will not be shown in shipment schedule.

  • #1287 Search for name in product window in webUI

    Now it’s possible to search and filter by product name in product window in WebUI.

  • #1291 Manufacturing Order Window adjustments

    Adding further adjustments to new manufacturing order in WebUI, allowing an easier/ better user experience.

  • #1301 DeliveryDays Window for WebUI

    Adding the window layout for delivery days in WebUI.

  • #1302 Tour Window in WebUI

    Adding the tour maintenance window in new WebUI.

  • #1303 Tour Version Window in WebUI

    Adding the new window tour version to WebUI, allowing tour maintenance for businesspartner, locations and delivery days.

  • #1307 Only show Partner Name fields needed for case company

    Now switching between company name field and person name field depending on isCompany flag in window businesspartner in WebUI.

  • #1309 Unit of Measure Window in WebUI

    Adding the initial window setup for unit of measure window in WebUI.

  • #1324 Take out pwd Field from AD_User in WebUI

    Not showing the pwd field anymore un user window WebUI.

  • #294 Refactor /process/start response

    Massive technical improvement about processes and documents in metasfresh. This refactoring was needed to meet new requirements in WebUI in a better way.

  • #88 Special Place for Record dependent content

    Record dependant content and references are now moved from action menu to the extended sidelist menu. Each reference area has its own keyboard shortcut so that navigation to that content is easy and fast.

  • #110 Don't fetch the side list when it's not needed

    Performance improvement. Only fetching the sidelist initially when the user opens it first time.

  • #267 Sidelist refactor

    Refactoring of sidelist, now including other document references (zoom accross, record attachements)

  • #628 frontend: refactor /process/start response

    Frontend work for the refactoring of processes and documents in metasfresh.

  • #631 Minor grid view layout tweaks

    Minor UX improvements/ prettyfying to grid view in WebUI.

  • #636 Sidelist Fontsize too small

    Raising the font size in sidelist to match the fontsize in other menues.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #886 GrandTotal missing in GridView of Purchase Order

    Adding column grandtotal to gridview of purchase orders in WebUI.

  • #1241 metasfresh does not notify procurement-webui about new contracts

    Fix for procurement WebUI when automatically prolonging new procurement contracts.

  • #1294 Report with Attribute Set Parameter cannot be started anymore

    Fixing an exception when calling the attribute editor in process parameters.

  • #1318 Exception when creating translation entries for new System Language

    Fixing an exception which popped up when adding a new system language.

  • #619 Address editor silently ignores changes if the mandatory fields are not filled

    Usability fix for the location editor in WebUI. Improvement of user interaction possibility when mandatory fields are not filled in location editor.

  • #620 When deleting a newly created document, frontend shall not ask the user if the user wants to leave the page

    Usability fix. After deleting a document the user is now not asked anymore if the page shall be left altough it does not exist anymore, because deleted.

  • #637 CTRL+1 and keyboard navigation left-right not working anymore

    Fix for action menu (ctrl+1) for keyboard arrow navigation.

  • #639 Navigation shortcut ctrl+2 is broken

    Fixing the shortcut for navigation menu.


Are you looking for some quick and precise infomration about how metasfresh works? Then check out our fast moving Documentation Project. It is eveolving daily and also includes some nice videos and animated gifs that give you a very nice impression about what we are doing. You can find it here:

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