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The development of new functionalities for our new Web User Interface is ongoing fast. In this week’s release we focused our efforts on the new animated Dashboard KPI and on the new manufacturing user interface that will allow to do the manufacturing execution in a fast and user friendly manner. As usual our release also includes a few housekeeping and maintenance fixes.
Thanks to all for your contributions. You’ve done an amazing job again.

Thanks for all contributions and welcome to our new metasfresh contributors!
Our Release 5.6 is out now!

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We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1062 Return HU to vendor

    New Functionality to send received Material back to Vendor via HU Editor. Can be automatically filtered directly via correction functionality in Material Receipt POS or manually filtered in Handling Unit Editor.

  • #1064 Move HU to garbage

    Implementation of the Handling Unit Material disposal functionality as part of the RMA workflow.

  • #1065 Move HU to other Warehouse/ Locator

    New functionality to easy move Handling Units from the current Locator to a new selected Locator.

  • #1223 Show line number in jaspers

    Now showing the line No in all Jasper Documents – order, inout, invoice – for sales and purchase.

  • #1286 Performance Business Partner Pricelist generation process

    Improving the performance of the BusinessPartner Pricelist generation process. The time for the report generation is reduced by aprox 60%.

  • #1322 Forecast Window in WebU

    Adding the initial Layout of the Forecast Window to WebUI.

  • #269 API for Manufacturing UI Planning/ Doing

    Implemention of new manufacturing window and Functionalities (issue, receipt) in WebUI. Refactoring of current backend logic to serve the Rest-API.

  • #96 Actions overlay menu cleanup

    Housekeeping task. Tidying the action menu and removing the actions that are not attached to working procedures.

  • #355 view websocket notifications: handle "changedIds"

    Adding internal functionality to react on websocket information about changed Element ID’s

  • #608 Chart animations

    Adding animation to dashboard charts (pie and bar charts).

  • #630 Open docLists side by side in QuickAction response.

    New frontend functionality to open Document Lists side-by-side at the same time.

  • #643 Reduce size of Action Menu

    Reducing the side of action menu. Now that the attachments and referenced documents have been moved to sidelist, the action menue does not need the large size anymore.

  • #651 404 errors for non-existing pages

    Implemetation of 404-page for not existing window elements.

  • #653 Honor openIncludedView's viewType property

    New feature viewType to tell the frontend to open the viewID in the requested viewType. This allows the opening of viewID’s also in other Types than GridView.

  • #655 Handle process layout type field

    New modal overlay type for processes. This is firt time needed for scan control prcess view.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1191 small adjustments in jasper documents

    fix empty page in sales invoice document

  • #1264 Material Receipt document best before date missing

    Fixes the best-before-date issues in Material Receipt documents.

  • #1343 Cannot reverse documents

    Fixes a Bug that did not allow the reversal of Documents.

  • #1346 Cannot "LU zuteilen" (Swing HU Editor)

    Fixes a Bug that did not allow to allocate more than one selected Handling Unit after split to an existing Logistic Unit.

  • #1351 IsTransferWhenNull not working correctly anymore

    Fixing an issue in attribute transfer. The flag isTransferWhenNull was not considered properly.

  • #1636 npe in purchase order

    Fixing a Null Pointer Exception in Purchase Order when using Drop Shipment.

  • #303 ASI button not working from process panel

    This fix allows to to open the Attribute Panel as Process Panel.

  • #645 HOME/END keys not working in process parameter field when opened from view

    The HOME and END Buttons now also work in process Parameter fields.

  • #656 Selected grid row and quick actions not consistent after closing a modal

    Returning to the main view after closing modal overlay process parameters now preserves the previously selected grid row.

  • #657 Manufacturing Order Issue/Receipt is not displaying the attributes

    Manufacturing project. Now the grid view lines also display attributes if available for the corresponding line.

  • #659 Double-clicking on included view row shall not open the document

    Manufacturing project. The double click on a selected line now does not open the underlying document anymore.

  • #661 Service not available not detected on login

    The login menu now shows an overly with „Service not available“ if this is the case.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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