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metasfresh giraffe release 5.9

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Our main focus in this week’s Release was on finishing the new Manufacturing workflow in the Web Interface. This includes the implementation of our new Material Distribution Framework, in which we prepared the ground for the development of our Microservices architecture.

Also in this week’s release is the Zoom-Into Feature, now built into the Web User Interface. This allows the user to jump quickly between records via Field references to other record sets.

Last but not least, we have made huge steps forward in the Translation of metasfresh to other languages. The first work is done for dutch Language and the translation for polish Language is already in work in progress.

Thanks a lot to all contributors for your participation. You’ve done an amazing effort again.

The new Manufacturing Functioanlity is now ready in metasfresh WebUI.
Thanks a lot to all contributors, our Release 5.9 is out now!

If you are searching for a possibility to participate in an awesome Open Source Community and have fun with complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. Don’t search any longer. Come in and join metasfresh. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1305 Jasper Document for Vendor Returns

    Created a new Jasper Document that allows to Vendor Return Confirmation.

  • #1320 Translation for nl_NL in WebUI

    Initial Translation for nl_NL for multiple WebUI Windows and elements. Thanks to @Arjanvb for this contribution.

  • #1463 Add Window for S_Resource_Ressource to WebUI

    Adding a new window to WebUI to allow maintaining Manufacturing Resources.

  • #1464 New Window for Manufacturing Workflow in WebUI

    Adding the Manufacturing Workflow Window to WebUI, now allowing to maintain these.

  • #1465 New Window for Distribution Network in WebUI

    Including the Distribution Network Window in WebUI.

  • #1466 New Window for Resource Type in WebUI

    Adding the ResourceType maintenance Window to WebUI.

  • #1467 New Window for Product Planning Data in WebUI

    Including the Window Product Planning Data to WebUI, to allow the user to maintain Manufacturing dependant data for products.

  • #1471 Provide material-dispo and spring-boot-admin as services

    New Material Disposition Framework alowing to start the „Make or Buy“ decision nearly just-in-time. This implementation is preparing the gound for the furture metasfresh microservices framework.

  • #1473 New Window for Node Transitions in webUI

    Creating a new Window in WebUI for Node Transition maintenance in Manufacturing Workflow.

  • #1478 New Window for InvoiceSchedule in WebUI

    Adding the Invoice Schedule Window to WebUI to allow the user to define invoiceing frequencies.

  • #1486 Add Status Field to Material Disposition Window in WebUI

    Adding the Status Field to Material Disposition Window in WebUI. Minor Adjustments in window Layout.

  • #1487 Allow the editing of Workflow Node in Window

    Adjustment in Window Workflow Node Transition, now allowing the user to select the Workflow Node.

  • #1494 Add HU_PI_Item to Product Price Window in WebUI

    Adding the Field Handling Unit Packing Instruction to Product Price Window. Minor Adjustments in Layout.

  • #1499 Update to spring-boot 1.5.3

    Updating spring-boot from 1.4.2 to version 1.5.3

  • #1502 Drop the CU-TU assignment for "No PI" (M_HU_ID=100)

    Dropping the Customer Unit/Transport Unit assignment creation for „No Packing Instructions2 Handling Units.

  • #280 Scan of Barcode "Bestellkontrolle" for Manufacturing execution

    New Functionality for manufacturing action issue/ receipt processing, allowing the user to scan the Order control report for efficient workflow start.

  • #348 backend: Implement Zoom-into in webUI

    New usability feature for zoom-into. Fields with references to other records now create a link to the corresponding records via available field label.

  • #352 Introduce JSONLayoutType.primaryLongLabels

    Introducing a new Lable LayoutType for longer label names.

  • #354 Support for Record_ID buttons

    New Functionality for table-ID record-ID buttons, allowing the user to navigate quickly into the referenced window.

  • #356 Manufacturing Quickaction: Reverse Issue / Receipt

    New Functionality for table-ID record-ID buttons, allowing the user to navigate quickly into the referenced window.

  • #357 Manufacturing Quickaction: Issue selected HU w/ TU Quantity parm

    New Quickaction in manufacturing issue/ receipt window. Allowing to issue Handling Units with a predefined quantity of Transport Units.

  • #716 Image widget: button to clear current image

    New button that allows to clear the current saved image.

  • #719 Document references: group them by their top level menu

    New Grouping functionality in referenced documents sidelist allowing a better usability.

  • #720 Implement Zoom-into in webUI

    Implementation of the new Zoom-into functionality in WebUI.

  • #2 add Vagrantfile for developers

    Adding Vagrantfile for Developers.

  • #3 create docker image for metasfresh-admin

    Creating a docker image for usage of metasfresh-admin.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1179 Process logs are not displayed in Swing

    Fixes an exception of processe which create process logs in swing client.

  • #255 Document fields: when receiving empty string values from frontend, convert them to nulls

    Converting empty string values to null for document fields.

  • #351 Fix NPE when opening Materialdisposition

    Fixes a Null Pointer Exception that happend when opening the Material Disposition Window in WebUI.

  • #360 Material receipt candidates: Error while Receving HUs for a particular case

    Fixes an error that occured in Material receipt window when trying to receive Handling units for a minor case.

  • #705 Debug/Fix why /window/540189 shows empty

    Fix in webui. Window 540189 was only shown as empty screeen.

  • #717 Sidelist's scrollbar is on wrong container.

    Adding the sidelist scrollbar now in the correct container.

  • #724 Login role selection keyboard down does not scroll automatically

    Fixing the login role selection. Now allowing the user to also select and see roles also in long role lists.

  • #725 Sidelist closes when doubleclick

    Fixing the sidelist navigational behavior. When selecting a record the sidelist now remains sticky, until the user closes it via „oustide“ cklick.

  • #727 Grid view: reset current page to 1 when filtering

    Fixes the filtering functionality in grid view. Retestting the page counter to 1 after adding new Filter criteria.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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