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Another week gone by and another huge amount of new Features added to metasfresh.
Thanks a lot to all contributors, you’ve done an amazing job again with adding 62 new features and fixes to our code base.
The focus of this week’s release was on further improvements of the manufacturing functionalities and user experience for our Web User Interface. It’s really great to see the things evolving fast there.

62 Features & Fixes in this week’s release.
Thanks a lot to all contributors!
Our Release 5.10 is out now!

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We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1304 Jasper Document for Material disposal

    New Jasper Report for the Material disposal Document.

  • #1306 Customer Returns Functionality

    New Functionality for the customer Returns workflow, allowing to receive and book the returns including Packing Material and empties.

  • #1474 New Window Handling Unit Packing Instruction in WebUI

    Creates a new Packing Instruction Window in WebUI.

  • #1475 New Window for Handling Unit Packing Instruction Item in WebUI

    Creates a new Window in WebUI allowing the maintenance of Packing Instruction Versions.

  • #1485 New Window Distribution Order in WebUI

    Adding the Distribution Order Window to WebUI.

  • #1489 Disable/delete legacy Cockpit window

    Disabling the legacy Business Partner Cockpit Window.

  • #1501 Rename "No Handling Unit" and "Virtual PI" PIs

    Renames the internal Packing Items (former Virtual PI, No Handling Unit) to names that describe what these Items really are.

  • #1504 Configure our services for logstash

    Add an option to have metasfresh-backend, -admin, -material-dispo and -webui-api send log messages to an ELK Stack

  • #1509 New Window for Doctype in WebUI

    Adding a new Window for Doctype in webUI allowing the admin user to maintain Document Types via Web User Interface.

  • #1517 intern: refactor LanguageDAO and LanguageBL

    Internal issue, refactoring and improving the language handling in metasfresh.

  • #1520 add .metadata/ and .recommenders/ to .gitignore

    Thx to @homebeaver

  • #1523 New Window for Print Format in WebUI

    New Window in WebUI to allow doing the Print Format maintenance.

  • #1524 New Window for Document Sequence in WebUI

    Adding the Document Sequence Window in webUI allowing the admin user to have control over the Document Sequences in metasfresh.

  • #1529 Fresh Migration of WebUI Menu for rel. 5.10

    Adding the new Menu Configuration for WebUI.

  • #1539 New Window for Product BOM in WebUI

    Adding the BOM Product Window to WebUI. Now allowing the easy BOM Configuration via the Web User Interface.

  • #1541 New Window for Packing Configuration in WebUI

    Adding the Packing Configuration (readonly) Window to webUI.

  • #1546 Add login Field to User Window in WebUI Main View

    Move the Login Field from Advanced Edit to Main View in User Window of WebUI.

  • #1551 Jasper Document for Customer Returns

    New Jasper Report for the Customer Returns Document.

  • #1555 add default search fields for business partner window

    Adding default search filters for the Business Partner Window in WebUI.

  • #1561 Rearrange Role Window w/ more important fields on Main view

    Adjustments of Main View and advanced Edit field content in Role Window. Moving Fields according to their importance/ usage.

  • #1572 User Window adjustment in WebUI

    Adjustment of User Window in WebUI, Harmonizing Look&Feel, important Fields to Main View.

  • #1574 New Field for Menu Root Node in Role window of WebUI

    Adding a new Field to Role Window of WebUI, Menu Root Node ID, allowing to define partial Menus as Main Menu for a given Role.

  • #362 Add filters in Handling Units window

    New Functionality in WebUI backend that allows to provide filtered views for the frontend.

  • #364 Replace HU editor's Barcode quick action with Barcode filter

    Replacing the action based Barcode selection with the new special Barcode Filter.

  • #366 Make Permission change active without server cache reset

    First Implemantation of the distributed Cache invalidation. Now it’s possible to change role permissions without the need of a server cache reset.

  • #370 Avoid spamming the console with "Connection refused" when elasticsearch connection is not available

    Housekeeping task about log messages when elasticsearch is not available.

  • #372 backend: endpoint for creating a filtered view

    New Functionality in webui backend that allows to provide filtered views for the frontend.

  • #388 grid view: select "ALL" support

    New Feature that allows to select more records than are visible on the page. The new selection possibility allows the user to select all records which are available with the current filtering. These selected records can then also be used for following processes or quickactions.

  • #390 Change advanced edit layout

    Adjusting the advanced edit mode to the Main View Layout. This makes it easier for the user to find additional fields that are not displayed on Main View and makes a more tidy look & feel.

  • #391 role: besides menu tree, allow configuring the sub-tree to be used

    New feature that allows an easier Menu maintenance in future via Menu Nodes that can be selected as Root of main menu for a given role.

  • #679 Record selection behavior w/ browser back/ forward

    New Implementation of a refined Browser Navigation in metasfresh. It is now possible to use the browser back button and also persist the previously made selection in Grid View Lines.

  • #738 Use Key in long drop down list

    New Alphanumeric key handling in drop down list. The user can press the first key and the cursor jumps to the first found apperarance in the drop down list.

  • #739 When included view is displayed add an alpha layer over the main view

    The new included view implementation is now better focussable for the user. The remaining non active main view has an opacity overlay, to avoid distraction for the user.

  • #740 When filtering a view please use the newly introduced "/documentView/{windowId}/{viewId}/filter" endpoint

    Internal housekeeping task moving the filtering implementations to a new endpoint.

  • #742 Filter singleOverlayField support

    Adding a new Overlay method to WebUI allowing to create special Filtering screens. First implementation done with Barcode Filter functionality in Manufacturing Issue and Receipt Editor.

  • #743 modal panel: background looks a bit ugly

    Adjustment of the Look and Fied design of the modal overlay.

  • #752 Select-all-filtered option in general

    Providing the possibility to use the select-all filtering generally/ systemwide.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1515 Project "de.metas.material.dispo" shall not be part of Swing client

    Extracting the project material dispo from swing client.

  • #1516 HU Transform - split out some TUs from LU does not work correctly with custom LUs

    Fix for the Split Functionality in handling Unit Editor. Sometimes the Split off for Transport Units did not work properly.

  • #1521 standard database: add SSCC attribute to "DIM_Barcode_Attributes" dimension spec

    Adding the SSCC Attribute to the default database seed of metasfresh.

  • #1580 NPE when setting up production ressource

    Fixing a Null Pointer Exception when inserting an new manufacturing ressource.

  • #302 jasper processes default values not taken

    Fix for Jasper Processing in WebUI. In a minor case some default values were not considered when doing the Jasper Processing.

  • #363 make LU not mandatory in Receive HUs

    Fix for the Field Logistic Unit in Receive Handling Units action. Now allowing to receive without a Logistics Unit.

  • #369 adding role to user does not work

    Fix for Role Permissions in WebUI. Adding of new Users to a roles was not working anymore.

  • #377 Don't show zoom-to for non-zoom reference Lists

    Restricting the new zoom-to action in WebUI. Not allowing non-zoom reference Lists anymore.

  • #381 ZoomInto shall consider AD_Ref_List.AD_Reference_ID if any

    Enhancing zoom-to, now considering the Reference List ID if available.

  • #380 readonly permission in webui

    Possibility to use the readonly Layout configuration also in WebUI now.

  • #382 menu is not updating when you change permission

    After changing a permission in Role window, the menu was not adjusted to the new permission.

  • #386 Purchase Order from Sales Order Parms not initially filled in WebUI

    Now setting the needed default values in Processes when calling actions from window Main view.

  • #375 Adding Role for User w/o Org_access restricts access totally

    Fixing a Bug with All Orgs Access permission, which restricted the access totally after setting.

  • #389 Zoom-Into error for subtab orderline

    Fixing a Bug when using zoom-to for subtab lines of a main window.

  • #392 barcode field is readonly

    Fix of the barcode field. Was readonly and should be editable.

  • #393 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: cannot receive HUs

    Fix for the receive Handling Units error, that prevented the receipt of new Handling Units.

  • #706 Manufacturing order - Issue HUs - wrong /quickActions call

    Fix for the action menu behavior in Manufacturing Order Window of WebUI. Now the actions are fitting to the selected rows and context.

  • #707 Page popup shall be closed when clicking o a page

    The Page selection popup now closes automatically when clicking on a page selection.

  • #715 KPI widgets shall have the same height

    Adjustment to the KPI widget heights. Now all widgets have the same height and result in a tidier look and feel of the metasfresh Dashboard.

  • #732 issue not opening on single document

    Fixing an error that avoided the opening of the action issue window in Manufaturing workflow.

  • #734 included view: don't reset when closing an error notification

    Fix in included view. Not resetting the context anymore when clicking on an error notification.

  • #749 singleOverlayField: pressing ESC shall close the popup

    Fix for the single field overlay, now allowing to press [esc] to close that overlay.

  • #751 Initial Setup Wizard does not open after switching language

    Fixing a Bug in Initial setup wizard that did not open anymore when using the language selector previously.

  • #755 mandatory numeric field is underlined with blue, even if it's set

    Adjustment in the mandatory field look & feel for number fields. Although a number was set, the mandatory logic said that the fields still has to be recorded.

  • #759 Action button remains gray if the process execution fails with error 404

    Fixing an error leaving the action button greyed out after running into a previous 404 error.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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