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Tatatataaaaaaa! The new generic Board window is ready! Our first working Increment of the Board window is now ready to use. It allows the Configuration of Kanban Board for any Data. We have setup a prototype window for Sales Opportunities. Check it out, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks a lot to all contributors for your participation. You’ve done an amazing effort again.

Another awesome milestone with amazing new Features. Thanks a lot to all contributors! Release 5.15 is out now!

Do you want to participate in an awesome and very active Open Source Community and have fun with complex business cases but also on leading web technologies. Come in and join metasfresh. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1786 New Window for Flatrate Conditions in Webui

    New Window that allows the maintenance of Flatrate Terms/ Conditions in WebUI.

  • #1788 New Window for Flatrate Transition in WebUI

    New Window for Flatrate Transition maintenance.

  • #1867 restore old ordercheckup jasper files

    Restoring old Ordercheckup Reports and adding the new ones into a seperate path for future usage.

  • #1872 WebUI Default Filter missing in Windows compared to Swing

    Default Filter Settings for WebUI taken from implicit Filtering in Swing Client.

  • #1877 Translations de_DE for Handling Unit QuickActions

    Translations for the Customer and Vendor Returns Quick actions in Material Receipt and Handling Unit Editor.

  • #1890 Harmonize the Shipment Window to our current Look&Feel concept

    Harmonizing the Look & Feel of the Shipment Window accoring to others. Eliminating the primary Layout chunks.

  • #1893 Default Doctype for Shipment Window

    Now receiving a default Document Type when creating Shipment Documents manually.

  • #464 Dashboard API: unify get available kpis/targetIndicators endpoints

    Internal housekeeping Issue, unifying the endpoints for fetching KPI & Target Indicators.

  • #465 Provide Endpoint w/ entry selections for given Breadcrumb

    Improvement of Breadcrumb Navigation, now providing the entry points via API.

  • #467 board API: GET board/{boardId}/card?cardIds

    New API endpoint that allows to receive Cards for the new generic board window.

  • #468 Fix user full name in Avatar

    Adjusting the Avatar Name. Now showing Firstname Lastname.

  • #470 Cache image endpoint

    New Endpoint in Rest-API that enables the caching of images.

  • #474 Dashboard API: specify position when adding a new KPI/target indicator

    New endpoints to specify positions of KPI Cards in User Dashboard.

  • #833 Dashboard Window w/ Swimlane type functionalities

    New generic Window Implementation that allows to define Kanbanlike Boards in metasfresh.

  • #864 Show view sticky/readonly filters

    Adding a new Filter Type that allows to show filtered results to the user when using Zoom-To into new Window.

  • #896 KPIs: show Loading indicator instead of No data

    Exchanging „No Data“ Notification with a Loading Indicator in KPI when data is not available.

  • #908 URL widget: disable the link button if the URL is not valid

    Disabling the URL Widget Button as long as the URL Field is empty.

  • #926 Board window does not open via Sitemap menu

    Fix to allow the Opening of Boards via WebUI Menu.

  • #938 Lookup Fields improvements

    Adjustment of the Lookup Fields behavior. Now only showing the drop down selection List when there is more than 1 entry in the list.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1814 Hide Processed flag from all M_InOut/Returns windows (webui)

    The redundant processed flag is now removed from InOut Windows (Empties return/ receive, Vendor Returns). The information is already given by the Document Status Field.

  • #1861 Performance degradation in HUKey.isReadonly()

    Fixes a Bug that decreased the performance of HUKey.isReadonly() method over the time.

  • #1873 Fix control amount and qty in payment data imported from camt.54

    Fix for the Import of Sepa camt.54 files accoring to control amount and qty.

  • Fix of the number delimiter in a message Translation the leads to failing switch of link in frontend for ‚Select all x records‘.

  • #1912 Customer return from HUs coming from Verdichtung POS don't have the right quantities

    Fixing a minor Bug with Handling Units created in Compression utility not having the right quicntities when processed in Customer returns.

  • #1924 ESR Line AcctDate not set error

    Fixing a Bug in Bank Statements that occure because of a missing account date in ESR Lines.

  • #913 Incompatible Sock.js versions

    Updating the Sock.js to identical versions in forntend and API.

  • #926 Board window does not open via Sitemap menu

    Fixes a Bug that prevented to open the new generic Board wndow via menu.

  • #524 Location Editor cannot read property bug

    Fixing a Bug that broke the functionality of the Location Editor.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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