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In this weeks Release we proceeded with the refining of layout in WebUI Document and Master Data windows. Further ion we addressed different issues creating the new Picking Functionality.
Thanks a lot to all contributors for your participation. You are amazing!

Thanks to all contributors! Our
Release 5.19 is ready now!

Come in and join metasfresh. If you would like to participate in the most active Open Source ERP Project worldwide and like to solve complex business requirements or like to develop leading edge web business applications, then join us. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1993 Set default Widget width for certain Columns

    Refining and Harmonizing the Widget width of columns in GridView for those, where generic width according to their widget type does not match to the user requirement or field content.

  • #1122 Reporting SQL for Products and vendor/ customer

    New Reporting for Customer and Vendor delivered quantities for a specified Time range.

  • #1995 Language Names too Long

    Renaming of Language Names, avoiding them to get too long because of Country Name. Now added the 2-digit iso country code instead.

  • #1996 Take out all AD_Client_ID from GridView in WebUI

    Rearranging GridView in general, taking out the client column from there to free space for other more important columns. Harmonizing oever all GridViews.

  • #2001 Add AD_Org_ID to all default Filters

    Including the Organisation and other fields to all generic filter selections. Removing long text fields from filters.

  • #2007 Feedback WebUI CRM

    #2009 Feedback WebUI Prices

  • #2009 Feedback WebUI Prices

    Further Layout Adjustments to Pricelist and Product Price window in WebUI.

  • #2012 import messages

    New import of static massages for webUI.

  • #2015 Create Window Price List Schema in WebUI

    Integration of D3JS into the webui frontend. D3JS is used for the generation of Barchart and Piechart KPI on the metasfresh Dashboard.

  • #2017 Create Window Pricing Rule in WebUI

    Adding the 2-column Layout for The Pricing Rule Window in WebUI.

  • #2020 Add System Configuration Window to WebUI

    New Window for System Configuration in WebUI.mprovement of User Experience. Not showing Quick Input Fields only if these are configured in the application dictionary.

  • #2022 Create Window Textvariablen in WebUI

    New Window for Boilerplate Variables in WebUI.

  • #2023 Create Window Textbausteinein WebUI

    New Window for Boilerplate Variables in WebUI.

  • #2027 Fine Tuning of Window Bankaccount in WebUI

    Various Adjustments to the Bankaccount Window in WebUI.

  • #2028 New Window for Validcombination in WebUI

    New Window in WebUI thats allows the user to maintain the valid Account Combinations.

  • #2038 Adjusted Business Partner Window for Small Companies

    New Business Partner Window for B2C Companies.

  • #506 view: accept included referencing documents when creating a new view

    Providing the REST-API for referenced Documents from Zoom-To in included Tabs

  • General clarification and a fix for the concrete problem

  • #999 grid view: use keyboard + and - to expand/collapse included rows

    New Feature allowing the usage of keyboard to expand/ collapse included rows in Grid Table.

  • #1007 eMail Icon in Action Menu

    Adding the eMail icon to metasfresh WebUI Action Menu.

  • #1029 keyboard shortcut and tooltip for button in filters

    New Keyboard Navigation for Apply Button in Filter selections.

  • #1030 Directly display quick actions for the first row of a modal window

    #1030 Directly display quick actions for the first row of a modal window

  • #1038 Flickering effect in Picking Terminal

    Eliminating the Flickering Effect in the new Picking Terminal when navigating through the picking lines.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #2005 invoiced and delivered status in order

    Updateing the the invoiced and delivered Status in Orders again.

  • #2013 Broken Included Tabs to be redone

    Fixes a broken Included Tab in the Manufacturing Order Window

  • #1982 partial issue problem

    Fixes an error in Action Issue of Manufacturing when patially issueing.

  • #1009 Window Name missing in Action Menu

    Fixes a Bug not showing the Window Name in Action Menu nor the possibility to set a Bookmark for the window.

  • #1015 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of null

    Fixes an issue that occured when using the scoll bar in Handling Unit Editor Window.

  • #1028 Tooltip when hovering GridView Header

    Fix for the Grid Header Tooltip, that was not shown anymore.

  • #1030 Directly display quick actions for the first row of a modal window

    Bugfix for the Quickaction behavior in modal overlay when opened and first row is initially selected.

  • #1040 Readonly field Contact looks editable

    Fix for Fields that look editable but are readonly.

  • #1041 included tab: when zoom into the new window opens with error

    Error solved when using Zoom-To in new Tab and window


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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