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This week we did a potpourri of different issues. Some were focussed on improving the build and rollout performance. Others were addressing detail requirements in WebUI Frontend.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Thanks all for your effort!
metasfresh 5.22 is now out!

Would you like to join us? The metasfresh community is a great place to be and are looking for people that will help us to even make it better. Come in and join one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide. and have fun w/ a team in implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Make version/build infos more transparent

    Adding the build/ version infos of the metasfresh applications to spring admin and to file (in dist folder), allowing to have a better overview about the configuration. #2110

  • Store version number in DB after successful sql remote

    Nice improvement of sql remote. Now storning the version number in Database and avoiding unneccesary invocations of sql remote, which speeds up the db migration process a lot. #2111

  • ESR - add sysconfig to ignore non-credit lines

    Improvement of the ESR Import action, now processing all ESR Lines also when individual Lines fail. #2118

  • ESR - Show actual number of transactions

    Adding a Transaction control amount to ESR Imports coming from SEPA camt54 file and presenting to the user. #2119

  • Allow creating requests from B2C window with new button

    Now it’s able to create Requests from Businesspartner B2C WIndow directly via new Button. #2122

  • Cut-Off Header Names in Subtabs

    Adjusting the Header Names of Grid View Columns in included Subtabs. Now adding elipses when Header Names are too long. Via Hover the user is able to read the Full Name via Tooltip. #1117

  • Allow copy to clipboard of selected grid lines

    New feature to select Grid View lines and copy/ paste as comma seperated data. #1127


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Can't save purchase order

    Fixes a minor Bug that occured in Purchase Order under certain circumstances, avoiding the record save. #2121

  • Board: when adding a new card, the card does not vanish from new cards view

    Fix for the new Kanban Board. Now the cards are removed from card selection List, as soon as they are dragged & dropped on the Board. #1066

  • Localize remaining static elements

    Fix localization of missing phrases related to attachment upload #1121

  • Issue in manufacturing won't close

    Fix in Window for Manufacturing Issue and Receipt. #1124

  • Activate Role WebUI

    Activation of Role WebUI in dist orgs environment. #17


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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