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This weeks release shows the whole enthusiasm again, with which our contributors develop one new requirement after the other and tackle bug fixes when passing by. Thanks a lot to all contributors. What an amazing effort again in this release! It’s really fun to see things moving and evolving so fast.

What an amazing speed again.
Thanks to all Contributors!
metasfresh 5.27 is out!

Would you like to join us? The metasfresh community is a great place to be and are looking for people that will help us to even make it better. Come in and join one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide. and have fun w/ a team in implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Inventory Move Window improvements

    Improvements done to the Inventory Movement Window. #2089

  • User would like to import default values for contact and address

    Providing a possibility to import default Roles for User and Locations in Business Partner. #2218

  • Support quantity in flatrate term import

    Adding the field quantity to the importer of flatrate terms. #2245

  • Extend Partner Import with ad_language

    Now possible to add the language to Business Partner import data. #2247

  • Use default values for IsShipTo and isBillTo when importing bpartner

    Fallback mechanism to set default billto and shipto locations in Business Partner. #2436

  • Shipto and billto contact / user

    New Fields in Business Partner Contact: shipto and billto. #2459

  • Introduce source-HU to fine-Picking

    New functionality for a more efficient Picking workflow. Now able to select a source HU that is used for the following picking steps. #2289

  • Invoice Candidates Action Approval for Invoicing

    New action in Invoice candidates, allowing to mass approve candidates for Invoiceing. #2361

  • Detailed Improvement of Flatrate Term window in WebUI

    New Window for contracts in WebUI, making the contract management easier and more transparent. #2381

  • New Window for M_PickingSlot_Trx in WebUI

    New Window in WebUI allowing to View Picking Slot Transations and involved Handling Units. #2386

  • Import and Store Contract meta-data e.g. startdate on flatrate

    Now possible to store different contracts metadata via import. #2397

  • New Window for C_Invoice_Clearing_Alloc in WebUI

    New window for Invoice Allocation as substitute for 3rd Level Subtab in old Contract Window. #2405

  • New Window for C_SubscriptionProgress in WebUI

    New window for Subscription Progress/ History as substitute for 3rd Level Subtab in old Contract Window. #2406

  • Contract Date and Contract DocumentNo

    New Fields in contract Window: Document No and Date, allowing a better recognition of the contract creation. #2408

  • Make request status a search field in request window

    Adding a new Filter to request window, allowing to search for data with a given request status. #2413

  • New Window for M_QualityInsp_LagerKonf_Version in WebUI

    New Windows for yearly Swiss Storage Conference, allowing the user to define the Storage Conference Criteria. #2416

  • New Fields MasterStartDate and MasterEndDate in FlatRate Term

    New Fields for Mastercontract Start and End Date added to the Flatrate Term Window in WebUI. #2421

  • Adjustments to the Request for Quotation Window, Refining Layout and adding Translations for en_US, de_DE locale/ Language. #2426

  • Hide qty TU when HU name is empty

    Now hiding the QtyTU Field in different Jasper reports in case the Handling Unit name is empty. #2429

  • Product Filter in Handling Unit Editor

    New Filter in Handling Unit Editor, allowing to search for entries with a given product. #2431

  • Make field ad_user_incharge_id from C_Flatrate_Term optional

    Adjusting the Field inCharge in Flatrate Term, now making it optional. #2434

  • New Window for GL Journal Category in WebUI

    New Window for GL Category in WebUI Finance/ Settings. #2442

  • Adjust the window Product for Procurement Contracts

    Adjustments to the WebUI Window for Product for Procurement Contracts maintenance. Translations added for de_DE and en_US. #2449

  • Add missing Reports to WebUI menu

    New reports in WebUI Menu for Purchase and Sales Tracing and for Finance (Cost Center ajdustments). #2453

  • Window for C_Postal in WebUI

    New Window Country, City and Postal for WebUI. Added to WebUI menu in System/ Settings. Allowing to the User to maintain Postal-City combinations and use them for fast Location recording. #2459

  • Translation for Packvorschrift-Produkt-Zuordnung in English version

    New en_US Translation for the Field Packing Instruction. Making the Name shorter and more comprehensive for the user. #2450

  • Extend Partner Import to support contact flags

    Extended Partner import, allowing to also import contact Y/N settings. #2463

  • Provide v11 / CAMT 54 File Import

    New importer for ESR v11/ camt54 files in WebUI. #142

  • Have Letter Feature in Sales Order Window

    New Letter Feature in WebUI allowing the user to oppen a text editor and create Letters with then help of Textsnippets. #178

  • Provide mass export of Data to Excel

    Very nice new, Feature allowing the user to select lines and export to excel. #547

  • API to provide user session's locale

    Internal housekeeping issue allowing the locale of a user to be stored in session. #581

  • Provide the document's standard actions

    New Feature to restrict actions in the action menu. Now only showing those that fit to the window opened. #583

  • Lookup validation rule shall support @CtxName/Default@ annotation

    Internal Housekeeping Issue in Applicaiton Dictionary, now allowing to use @notations in Validation rules in WebUI too. #585

  • Locale viewing and editing in User Interface

    The user has not the possibility to switch the user locale. The formatting of numbers are then shown correct for the selected country. #1060

  • Improvements of continuous integration System when creating local builds. #14


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Can't save purchase order

    Fix for the Vendor Return Feature, now also working with voided Returns and quality discount properly. #2401

  • OrderCheckout Jaspers display empty C_BPartner_Product.ProductName

    Fix for the Jasper Report of Order Checkout, now showing the properly again. #2412

  • Fix jaspers for vendor return with quality issue

    Fixes in the Vendor Returns Jasper document when having cases with quality issues. #2423

  • Invoice candidate close is retrieving the invoice candidates out of transaction

    Internal Housekeeping fix for invoice candidates close workflow. #2430

  • Duplicate locations on partner import when multiple contacts

    Fix for the Business Partner Location Importer, now not generating multiple entries when multiple user contacts exist to a Partner. #2457

  • Clicking print on non-document window shows error page

    Adjustment of Action Menu API, now only showing the actions that are possible in a given Window. #570

  • Cannot invoice disposal's invoice candidates

    Fix for the disposal invoicing process. #582

  • LU is not created when you receive in production

    Action Receipt Handling Unit retrieval. Fix when creating Logistic Units in manufacturing. #594


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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