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In this week’s release we covered a lot of different topics. One group was dealing with the details of WebUI Windows, creating new ones or adapting the Guidelines. Another group was about new frontend functionalities for keyboard control and the possibility of having a more detailed edit mode in the main grid view.

Our Release 5.36 is ready to go.
Thanks all for your effort!

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We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • ESR Import w/o Invoice reference (w/ reversed Invoice)

    New Action and workflow in ESR Import now creating the Payment first and providing an action if allocation cannot be done. #1964

  • Window Design Webui: Improve windows with Posted field

    Adding missing default Values for Posted columns in various Table Definitions. #2871

  • Window Design Webui : Improve Distribution Order window

    Improved Layout and Translations for the Distribution Order Window in WebUI. #2872

  • Provide Doc Action voiding for contract period

    New document action in contract period allowing to void now. #2908

  • Create Action for changing price and qty for a contract

    New action that allows to adjust the price and qty for an already created contract. #2911

  • Standalone report / jasper service

    Moving the Jasper Handling to a standalone Jasperreport service. #2932

  • Jasper Reports: New Purchase Order, Inout and Invoice Layout

    Additional new Layouts for Document Jasperreports on purchase side. #2937

  • Shipment Date = Promised Date

    Adjustment of the Inout Generate Date when creating from shipment candidates. Now using the promised date as initial shipment date. #2940

  • Fix the message for PrintJob_Done

    Adjusted message for finished Print Jobs. #2942

  • Default WebUI Window for Distribution Orderlines Handling

    New Window for Distribution Orderlines that allows better Distrbution handling in WebUI. #2959

  • Flatrate: use datepromised instead of order data for master and startdate

    Adjustment in Flatrate contract, switching Master Order and Startdate to datepromised. #2963

  • Add SQL Column M_Warehouse to Distribution Orderline

    New Field Warehouse and Filter in Distribution Editor. #2969

  • Sales invoice jasper: group products by product category

    Adjustment of sales invoice jasperreport, now allowing the grouping by products. #2975

  • New Window in WebUI for EDI DESADV

    New Window for EDI DESADV records in WebUI. #2978

  • Refining Distribution Editor Window in WebUI

    Improvements for the Distribution Editor Window in WebUI. Additional Translations for de_DE and en_US Language/ Locale. #2985

  • Filter for GAP No. is missing in Businesspartner window

    Adding the GAP Filter to Businesspartner Window. #2989

  • Date Filter missing in Order Control Window

    New Filter in Order Control Window for Date, CreatedBy and more. #2980

  • Action translation in Invoice Candidates Window

    Improved Translation for Action Menu in invoice candidate window. #2981

  • WebUI: Window Shipment Packing Item

    Adaption of Field Names to current WebUI Guidelines. #2992

  • Views: backend shall specify which columns are editable and how to render the editor

    New functionality in webui api, now specifying the editable fields in grid view to frontend. #670

  • New Keyboard shortcut for select all/ select all x rows with toggle functioanlity. #1222

  • Views: backend shall specify which columns are editable and how to render the editor (frontend)

    Frontend implementation for the editable fields in main grid view. #1335


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Error for HU changing locator if status E

    Fix for an issue that appeared when moving handling units in the warehouse and changing the locator. #2965

  • Error in console when creating customer return

    Fixes an issue in customer returns. #2966

  • Linenet amount not updated in sales order after setting flatrate condition

    Fix for the Linenet Amount in Sales Order after setting a flatrate condition. #3035

  • Close all picking candidates only if the view was closed/removed by user

    Picking candidates are only closed when the picking slot belongs to a rack system and the user closes the modal view. #677

  • HU that was taken out in Picking Try Clearing shall remain Picked

    Fix for the status of Handling Units after picking tray clearing. Now the handling units remain in picked status. #678

  • Picking not possible for >1 orderline in Picking Terminal

    Fix for Picking terminal, now allowing to select and pick more than 1 line at once. #681

  • Process panel is closed even if /start failed

    The modal process panel is now remaining open if an error pops up when starting the action. #1333

  • All values of Dropdown list are highlighted

    Now only showing highlighted rows in Role List when the role is selected. #1337


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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