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WebUI, Material Planning & Picking – theses were the main areas of improvement in this week’s release.
Picking is getting an additional alternative to group Picking Candidates and it’s going to be able to fetch the material from different warehouses instead of needing to bring them to picking warehouse via distribution orders.
Material Planning and manufacturing has been going through a massive change in the last months, moving completely from the static way of re-calculating the material plan over and over, now to an approach with immediate update as soon as a relevant material transaction has happened.
Contributors, you are awesome. Thanks a lot for your participation.

Contributors, thank you!
metasfresh 5.37 is now ready!

Would you like to join us? The metasfresh community is a great place to be and we are looking for people that will help us to even make it better. Come in and join one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide and have fun w/ a team in implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Allow more than 1 PostFinanceUserNo per Account

    Extended the swiss ESR Postfinance participant No functionality. Now allowing to have more than 1 Postfinance participant No per bank sccount. #2944

  • Adjustment in pain001

    Adjustment of the Sepa pain format for bank interchanges transactions in switzerland. #2945

  • Translate Processname to de_DE in Procurement Candidates

    Improved Translation and Naming in Procurement Planning window. #2976

  • Filter for Shipment Documentstatus is missing in WebUI

    New filter criteria „documentstatus“ added to Shipment window. #2982

  • Adjust the Naming of Locators

    Improvement of the Locator Naming. #2987

  • Partner Import: Support importing the Org via value

    Improved Business Partner Import, allowing to import the Organisation via value instead of name. #2997

  • WebUI: New Window for HU Transaction

    New window for Handling Unit transaction in WebUI. #3002

  • WebUI: Adjustments on HU Trace Window

    Improvement in Handling Unit Trace Window, rearranging fields, new filter criteria and improved translations for en_US, de_DE. #3003

  • Manufacturing Order add Filter for Planstatus

    Additional, new filter criteria in manufacturing order. #3005

  • Inherit c_order_id and orderline_id from flatrate term to invoice candidate

    New referenced document in flatrate terms, now allowing to jump directly to referenced invoice candidates directly from there. #3010

  • SSCC Product description Field cut off

    Improvement of the SSCC Label, now allowing to have Product Names that extend the width into more than 1 line. #3032

  • WebUI: New Window for Purchase Order Candidates

    New Window in WebUI for the transactional data of Purchase Candidates. #3037

  • Forecast Window adjustments

    Improvement and extension of the Forecast Window in WebUI, adding new Fields Businesspartner, Date Promised, Warehouse to Forecast Header. #3039

  • WebUI: New Window for Quality Note

    New Window for Quality Note in WebUI, allowing to mmaintain the available Quality Notes and Performace Types for Material Receipt. #3047

  • WebUI: Date Filter missing in Material Receipt Dispo

    New Date Filter added to material Receipt Dispo. #3048

  • Purchase candidates: notify user when the purchase order was generated

    New user notification as soon as purchase candidates were created for the user. #3055

  • Purchase candidates: implement locking mechanism

    Locking mechanism implemented for purchase candidates window. #3056

  • Display order, forecast or shipmentschedule in material dispo main window

    New fields in material disposition, now showing the Order, Forecast and Shipmentschedule information. #3057

  • Adjust OrderBy in Materialdispo

    Improvement of Ordering in Materiadispo. #3061

  • WebUI: Adapt Manufacturing Order window to current guidelines

    Improvement of the Manufacturing Order Window, adapted to current WebUI Guidelines and added Translations. #3066

  • New Window for manual OnHand Qty in WebUI

    New Window for the maintenance of manual OnHand Qty in metasfresh. This feature is used in fresh produce companies with fast moving consumer goods and raw materials. #3082

  • Destroyed HUs in HU Editor

    Improving the filtering of Handling Unit Window now not showing destroyed HU anymore. #611

  • Hiding Quickactions in Handling Unit Editor. Now only showing the needed Quickactions for Source Handling Units. #683

  • Picking processed compress to top-level HU

    New compression visualisation in Pickign window, now only showing top level HU as soon as processed. #689

  • Picking terminal: implement dynamic picking slot allocation/release

    New Functionality in Picking window, now allowing the dynamic allocation/ clearing of picking slots. #695

  • Dropdown in Grid view needs two-time click if value in list is more than one

    Fixes the need of 2 times click in included grid view dropdown widgets. #1347

  • Jenkins: run npm test on each build

    Internal housekeeping issue, improving build system. #1363

  • Shortcut for new document

    Adjusted shortcut for the creation of new documents. #1380


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • 2nd Discount Break is ignored

    Bugfix for the 2nd Discount Break that is not ignored anymore. #2958

  • ad_org is ignored when doing quick order entry

    Fixes the Filter criteria for products in batch entry, now only showing the products of the sales order org. #3023

  • Solve material dispo regressions

    Fixes various issue in the Material Disposition Prototype. #3034

  • A contract shall not be created when completing a quotation

    Fixes the contract creation, now not generating a contract when completing a sales order quotation. #3043

  • CU-TU's built name and description is wrong

    Fix for the CU-TU name and description generation when adjusting UOM. #669

  • “T_WEBUI_ViewSelection[Line

    shall be truncated and not deleted“ title_color=““ text_color=““ graphic=“icon“ graphic_size=“60px“ graphic_shape=“circle“ graphic_color=“#ffffff“ graphic_bg_color=“hsl(88, 65%, 44%)“ align_h=“left“ align_v=“top“ side_graphic_spacing=“20px“ max_width=“none“ child=“true“ connector_width=“1px“ connector_style=“dashed“ connector_color=“#272727″ link_text=“#671″ href=“″ href_title=““ href_target=“blank“ link_color=““ graphic_icon=“bug“]Internal Housekeeping fix for the temporary WebUI Selection Tables, now using truncate instead of delete.

  • HU taken out in Picking Tray Clearing still displayed in the Picking Slot in Picking Terminal

    Fixes the removing of Handling Units in Picking Try Clearing. #679

  • Error in Quickentry Sales Order when canceling input

    Fixes a Bug in the Quickentry workflow when canceling. #692

  • Purchase view: set modal title as process caption

    Fix for the modal overview for processes/ actions. now showing process caption as modal title. #694

  • New BPartner is not available as SubProducerBPartner in MaterialReceipt BPartner

    Improving the time from recording until a Subproducer is available in Material Receipt Subproducer attribute list. #697

  • Filter error after static filter set

    Fixes the static Filter visibility. Now only showing 1 active static Filter. #700

  • WebUI server is losing session context

    Fix for the session context after request to server. #701

  • Cannot scroll down in a filter with lots of parameters

    Now also possible to scroll down long filter lists. #1293

  • Invalid date was used on dateTime tablecell

    Bugfix for DateTiem tablecells, now presenting the content properly. #1345

  • Cannot clear dropdown fields

    Fix for Dropdown Fields, now allowing to select empty values again. #1352

  • View field editor: number field is behaving weird when using keyboard

    Improvement of the behavior of number fields when using keyboard. #1358

  • Error with alt+space for expand

    Fixes the keyboard Hotkey for expand in Document Windows. #1365

  • Error in Quickentry dropdown List

    Fixes the Batch Entry result list, now generating the results properly. #1366

  • Keyboard alt+u in Sales Order

    Fixes the Document Action Shortcut alt+u for complete action in all Document Windows. #1374

  • Navigation Menu Favorite stars wrong

    Fix for the Bookmark Functionality in WebUI Window and Navigation Sitemap. #1376

  • Alt+a in main Grid View opens Advanced edit mode

    Fix for the shortcut of advanced edit in main grid view, that blocked the select-all shortcut from being tiggered. #1389


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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