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Our last Release in 2017 is now ready.
The main effort in this week’s release went into the new picking pattern that allows to do the picking sales order wise, instead of product focused. This Functionality also allows to fetch the products from a picking warehouse group and locator instead of needing to move to picking warehouse first via distribution order.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Thanks all for your effort!
metasfresh 5.39 is now out!
What an amazing year it was for metasfresh.

Would you like to join us? We are are looking for people that would like to join one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Relation Type: fact_accounts

    New Relation Type that allows to show the Fact accounts quickly for a given document. #2338

  • Relation Type: changelog

    New Relation Type that allows to show the Changelog quickly for a given record. #2340

  • MRP Product Info Just in Time

    New Material Cockpit functionality that provides fast infomormation about material availability triggered by material transactions and reservations/ ordered quantities. #2646

  • Create webui window for C_Invoice_Candidate_Agg

    New Window in WebUI for the maintenance of Invoice Candidate Aggregation rules. #2715

  • TableRecordId relation types to support Prefix_AD_Table_ID and Prefix_Record_ID

    New Functionality that supports the usage of Prefix_Table_ID and Prefix_Record_ID in relations. #3058

  • Warehouse Picking Group

    New Functionality that allows to define a group of Warehouses that shall be used as Picking Warehouses. #3079

  • Improve Product Import process

    Improvement of Import action for Product data. #3105

  • Warehouse picking group window

    New Warehouse Picking Group window in WebUi, allowing the user to define groups of Warehouses that shall be considered as warehouses to be picking sources. #3107

  • Add Netsum to Customer Invoice Document Grid View

    Improvement of Customer Invoice Grid View, adding Net Sum. #3120

  • Add Netsum to Vendor Invoice Document Grid View

    Improvement of Vendor Invoice Grid View, adding Net Sum. #3122

  • Picking terminal: pimp Picking Configuration window

    New Window for Picking Profile Configuration. Allowing to switch the used Picking Profile between Product and Sales Order oriented Picking. #3124

  • Purchase disposition window shall be readonly

    Setting Fields Readonly to Puchase Disposition Window. #3134

  • Clean C_PaySelection

    Improvement of the Pay selection window. Removing legacy functionality. #3137

  • WebUI: Translate Picking Configuration window to en_US

    Improvement of the Translation to en_US of Picking Configuration Window. #3140

  • Automatic Discount for Group Products

    New Functionality added to the Group Product lines in sales order, allowing to define and use a discount schema for the group products functionality. #3149

  • Always keep Terms & Conditions equal per Compensation Group

    Improved Compensation group feature in sales orderlines, allowing to keep the Terms and conditions equal in a compensation group. #3150

  • WebUI: Import BPartner Translations

    Translating the Import Business Partner window to en_US and improving advanced edit view. #3164

  • Businesspartner Window shows Fields that should be in Advanced edit mode

    Improved Business Partner window, moved Fields to andvanced edit that are not mainly in user focus. #3166

  • Add view to keep track of unprocessed async work packages

    New view to keep tracking the qty of unprocessed #3171

  • Translate Sales Order Actions

    Improvement of translations in sales order action menu. #3176

  • Improve Window for manual OnHand Qty in WebUI

    Improved Window for the recording of manual on Hand Quanitities. #3193

  • Picking Tray Clearing: right side view shall display only the HUs for current BP/Location

    Improved included View in Picking #3211

  • Port current MRP Product Info Window to the WebUI

    Portation of the Swing MRP Product info functionality to WebUI, there now called Material Cockpit. #706

  • Picking terminal: additional shall support grouping lines by order

    Introducing new Picking Terminal Workflow Pattern. Now allowing to group the Picking Lines by Sales Order instead of Product. #711

  • Login authenticate: provide an unique key for each JSONLoginRole

    Improvement of JSON endpoint for the Login authentication. Now haviung a unique key for each Login Roles. #714

  • Picking terminal: scan picking slot by barcode

    New Feature in Picking Terminal allowing to scan and identify the Picking Tray. #716

  • Picking terminal: Open HUs to pick shall display Best Before date and Locator

    Adding the Open HUs included view allowing to see the best before date and locator. #717

  • Picking terminal: HUs to pick: scan/filter by Locator

    New Filter Feature in Picking Terminal window, allowing to scan Locators and filter by them in Handling Unit selection view. #721

  • Picking terminal: HUs to pick: Pick CUs process

    New Action in Picking terminal allowing to pick CU by quantity. #723

  • Allow search of Subproducer

    Improved Subproducer Search in Attributes view of Material Receipt Handling Unit Editor. Now the Subproducer Attribute is a Lookup widget. #727

  • Introduce process parameters callout minimal functionality

    New functionality that allows to trigger callouts for action parms in webui. #731

  • Picking Tray Clearing: Scan picking slot barcode filter

    New Functionality in Picking Tray clearing, allowing to filter the picking slot be scanning a barcode. #746

  • Picking Tray Clearing: filter picking slots by Partner

    New Functionality in Picking Tray clearing, allowing to filter by Business Partner. #747

  • Picking Tray Clearing: packing HUs: Add to Transportation Order action

    New Action in Picking Tray Window allowing to add Handling Units to a Transporation Order. #751

  • Processes: support for parentViewSelectedIds and childViewSelectedIds

    New Functionality for record selections in WebUI, now allowing the frontend to provide selected Parent and Child Row Indentifier to be uses in Actions/ Processes. #755

  • Use automatic code style enforcement

    Automatically transforming code to match code styling rules. #1206

  • Navigation Menu arrow down directly scrolls menu

    Improving the behavior of scrolling in Navigation Menu with a lot of bookmarks. #1375

  • Process result: open included view: handle profileId property

    New functionality that allows to open a window and view after a process/ an action is done. #1407

  • View: don't allow user to sort by a given column if layout says so

    Disabling the sorting feature for columns which are marked as not-sortable. #1414

  • Eslint: increase line max-len from 80 to 120.

    Internal House Keeping issue that shall improve the Code Quality. #1425

  • Support Lookup view attributes

    Adding Lookup widget support for the Attributes Panel in WebUI. Now it’s able to add autocomplete and search Functionality there. #1433

  • Remove legacy docs

    Removing legacy outdated documents from WebUI Frontend docs folder. #1436


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Request All does not show records

    Fix for the Request window, now allowing to show all records again without using the filter button. #3110

  • Solve issues around standalone report / jasper service

    Fixes issues that occurred in the new Standalone Jasper report service. #3126

  • Import BPartner window: cannot see data

    Fix for the Import Businesspartner window and functionality. now showing the imported data again. #3138

  • Cannot edit System Administrator role (AD_Role_ID=0)

    Fix in Role Management, now allowed to edit the System Admin Role again. #3139

  • Errors with C_BPartner SQL columns

    Fixes an error which appeared with the new SQL columns in Business Partner window, for systems with a lot of Business Partner records. #3147

  • ZoomTo-Performance Issues

    Improving the Performance of different Zoom-To Releations. #3151

  • Translation Tab content missing for Product_Trl

    Fix for the Product Translation Tab. Now showing the Translations again. #3159

  • C_Printing_Queue_ReEnqueue with IsSelected doesn't work

    Fix for the Re-Enqueue action in the Printing Queue Window. #3160

  • Updating PMM_Week availability trend fails

    Fix for the Procurement Candidates for week availability Trend. #3169

  • Material Receipt Candidates not generated when using Purchase Order from Sales Order action

    Fix for the new Purchase Order from Sales Order action, now also creating Material Receipt candidates for these kind of Purchase Orders. #3174

  • Jenkins misinterprets positive downstream build result

    Solving an internal housekeeping issue in Build System. #3183

  • Error in Paymentjournal Process/ Report in Payselection

    Fixes en error in Payselection when starting the Paymentjournal. #3202

  • Relation sales order - flatrate term is missing

    Fixes a missing relation for flatrate term in sales order #3206

  • Cannot save an attribute in orderline

    Fix for the recording of attributes in orderline. #3207

  • Console error when copying MDocType

    Fixes an error in the clone action of Document Types window. #3208

  • Error creating bean with name 'scopedTarget.internalUserSessionData'

    Fixes an issue that occured sometimes when switching the language of the user in WebUI. #713

  • Picking terminal: Picking slot rows shall NOT have duplicate IDs

    Solving the issue of having duplicated IDs in Picking Slot Rows. #722

  • View field editor: make sure the field value is sent to backend before the view is deleted

    Fix for the patching of adjusted values in modal overlay action views. Now patching the field value before closing the modal overlay. #1361

  • Cannot completely delete a numeric field in grid view

    Fixes the new Edit mode in main grid views, now allowing to delete recorded numeric field content completely. #1383

  • View attributes: consider row's supportAttributes property before querying for attributes

    Fixes the querying of Attributes, now only done if the API demands that. #1393

  • View field editor: Patch request isn't sent after hit enter

    A Patch Request is now sent again, after hitting enter. #1396

  • Login form selects 2 items from roles dropdown

    Fixes the login form in WebUI, now only selecting 1 role item. #1404

  • Can not enter "-" into any text field

    Allowing to enter „-“ character into text fields in WebUI. #1406

  • View: singleOverlayField filters are half broken

    Fix for the Overlay when using Barcode Filter. #1415

  • Drop down lists remain displayed when using tab several times

    Closing opened dropdown lists again when navigating through fields in webUI and the field is losing focus. #1421

  • Connection lost displayed when unchecking a checkbox in Filter

    Fix for Filter checkboxes. Avoiding connection lost issue. #1426

  • d3 errors on dashboard

    Fixes d3 js Issues in metasfresh Dashboard for calculatesd negative values. #1427

  • Problem regarding multiple filters

    Fixing an issue with multiple Filters interfering each other in main and included views. #1435

  • Language bug: The language in Settings is not respected

    Fixes an issue in User Configuration about language Settings that were not respected. #1437

  • Dropdown in Grid view needs two-time click again

    Fixes the dropdown selection. Now selections are able to be done with first cklick. #1440

  • Attributes are empty in material receipt candidate

    Fix for material receipt candidates that were wrongly created with empty attributes. #1444

  • Jenkins: fix current lint issues

    Internal Housekeeping issue fixed according to lint. #1448

  • Batch entry: cursor jumps directly to HU

    Fix for the Batch entry focus after opening via alt+q or alt++. Now focussing on Product field again. #1451

  • Error when updating an attribute multiple times

    Fixes an error that occurred when changing an attribute multiple times. #1455


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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