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Our Release in this week is targeting a lot of different requirements for detail improvements. Just to pick out a few of them.
There is the automatic calculation of Best Before attributes in Handling Units and in document Batch entries as part of our Best Before management.
Next are the additional adjustments of the new Compensation Group functionality in sales order lines which is now fast becoming a beloved feature in the metasfresh user base.
And last but not least to mention is the new aggregation configuration feature for shipment lines, which allows to decide which Handling Unit Attributes shall be aggregated into one shipment line.

Thanks to our contributors for your effort and enthusiasm!
metasfresh 5.27 is out!

Would you like to help developing metasfresh ERP. It’s not all about coding. We have a lot of different areas to contribute without coding skills.
If you have fun and would like to learn about complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologiesm you are welcome.
Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat. We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • WebUI: Show GuaranteeDaysMin on Product and Product Category windows

    Improved Product and Product Category windows, added new field for Min. Guarantee Days ad part of the best before management. #3540

  • Div material dispo issues

    Implements various detailed features in the material disposition feature. #3540

  • Refactor config for Distribution Order/ Movement after Material Receipt

    Improvement of the new Distribution Order generation after material receipt to allow a better understanding of configuration switches. #3549

  • Webui: Pimp Compensation Group Schema window

    Enhanced Window Compensation group Schema, added fields for the new automatic Discount Functionality. #3561

  • Primary Layout in Product Planning Subtabs

    Layout adjustment for the Subtabs in Product planning window, now added primary background to all of them. #3562

  • Initial Promised Date calculation and default Preparation Date

    New Feature that allows to calculate an initial promised date in sales order based on date ordered. #3565

  • CustomerLabelName in M_Product and Translation

    New translateable field in the product masterdata that allws to record the default Customer Label Name for a product. #3570

  • Make shipment HU aggregation configurable

    New feature that allows to configure the aggregation of shipment lines for shipped Handling Units. #3575

  • TU label in picking

    New Label for Transportation Units that can be created in the picking workflow. #3576

  • Introduce AD_Column.IsForceIncludeInGeneratedModel to force including a column to generated java models

    Internal Housekeeping issue that allows to force include columns in model generation no matter what entity type the corresponding table has. #3578

  • Performance Improvements to the Subscription evaluation process, now avioiding the creation of mass work packages when not needed. #3582

  • Drop support for org.adempiere.server.embedded

    Internal Housekeeping improvement. #3588

  • Implement user token authentication for future REST APIs

    Implementation for the user token authentication to our REST APIs. #3587

  • Make shipment line attribute set instance (ASI) configurable

    New Feature that allows to configure the creation of shipment line Attributre set instances instead of just creating a copy from sales orderline. #3590

  • Add invoice related virtual columns in Shipment Restrictions

    New searchable Fields in Shipment Restrictions for Invoice ID and isPaid. #3592

  • Pharma: Use IFA category when importing IFA products

    Now using the IFA Category as Product Category after Import of Pharma Products. #3599

  • Provide AD_Window_ID to running process

    Improvement of the Process Info, now adding the Window ID to it and storing it in the Process Instance record. This allows to retrieve more infomration about from where a Process was triggered. #3604

  • Add mvnw so that users don't need to install mvn to build from cmdline

    Internal Housekeeping solution for maven build via command line. #3605

  • Default Product Window take out Pharma specific fields

    Adjustment of the default product window, removing all pharma vertical fields. These are included in the Pharma product window. #3609

  • Distribution Editor Move HU dropdown list HU

    Improvement of the Move Handling Unit Action in distribution editor, now pre-filtering the entries and matching base data. #878

  • Import File Loader substitute in WebUI

    New feature in Webui as substitute for the file-loader form in swing client. This enables the import of date via webui. #879

  • Collapse Purchase Order dispo in Sales Order modal

    Improved visibility in Create Purchase Order from Sales Orderlines, now collapsing the top level entries initially. #880

  • HU Labels in WebUI

    Refined Handling Unit Labels actio now available in WebUI Handling Unit Editor. #883

  • Field Readonly = 'Y' but still updateable in WebUI

    Refined Implementation of the Field Readonly Logic in Application Dictionary. #886

  • List widgets with focus shall have dark grey color underline

    Improved focus indicator line for list widgets. #1620

  • Dropdown List Widget - first entry at top shall be selected entry

    Improves the behavior of selected elements in List drop-downs. Now showing them as first entry in list. #1621

  • List widget with only 1 entry shall still show the drop-down

    Now the List widget also shows a drop-down list with only 1 entry. #1622

  • Check code formatting on CI

    Adding code formatting rules to continuous integration platform. #1635

  • Add cypress e2e test setup

    Adding cypress setup for end-2-end tests of the webui frontend project. #1644


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Material Cockpit Document Details Doctype, DocNo wrong/ missing

    Fixes the document detailes modal overlay in material cockpit. Now showing the document details with document no and document type. #3422

  • Purchase order from purchase candidate not working

    Fixes a bug that prevented the automatic creation of purchase orders from purchase candidates. #3569

  • AD_Element_trl problem with autocomplete fields

    Fixes an issue that occurred when adding translation elements via autocomplete widgets. #3571

  • Internal usage (Materialentnahme partial) broken

    Fix for the internal usage action when removing partial customer unit quantities, mostly weight unit of measure. #3572

  • Tax Error on w101 Sales Order Batch entry

    Improved error message for Tax errors, now elaborating more whats the reason for the errors. #3595

  • Improvement of action/ Quickaction availability in Shipment Schedule. Now only showing line dependent actions if a line is selected. #3644

  • Dropdown List Widget does not show 1st line as selected with keyboard scroll

    Now the field content is shown as selected first element in the dropdown. #1550

  • Attributes not shown in Material Receipt Candidates

    Fixes a Bug in the Handling Unit Editor in Material Receipts, not showing the Attributes View when Receiving CU. #1623

  • Show Attribute Editor for selected CU Level HU

    Fixes the List widget with only 1 entry. Now opening the list widget drop-down instead of directly setting the single entry. #1628

  • Setting attributes in orderline not working

    Fixes the Listr widget for attributes in document lines. #1630

  • Cannot use the dropdown in login

    Fixes the drop-down widget in login window. #1638

  • Mandatory List Widget

    Fixes the visibility for empty mandatory list widget fields. #1645


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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