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Another week of ERP development is behind us and the issues solved in this week’s release are various.
Contributors, thank you for your participation.

Thanks all for your effort! metasfresh 5.48 is out!

Come in and join us. If you are interested on implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies then the metasfresh community is the right place to be. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Make version/build infos more transparent

    Improved Inventory Functionality for WebUI, now allowing to record Handling Unit quantities too. #2647

  • WebUI: New Window for Import Formats

    New Indow in WebUI for Import Formats, now allowing to maintain data formats to import migration data. #3029

  • TU label in picking process in webui

    New Action in Picking, allowing to print a Transport Unit Label. #3580

  • Make AD_EventLog available for admin

    Improved Event Log Handling, now making the logs available for the admin role. #3622

  • Pick in manufacturing Order: Picking Slot Filter on selected BPartner from Shipment Schedule

    New functionality in Manufacturing Workflow, allowing to directly pick produced products via manufacturing receipt workflow. #3634

  • Standalone Product Translation Window

    New Standalone Product Translation window in WebUI. #3637

  • WebUI: New Inventory Window

    New Window in WebUI that allows the maintenance of Inventory recordings and adjustments. #3652

  • Add translations for headers in shipment statistics

    New WebUI window for shipment statistics. #3591

  • Internal Housekeeping Improvement, adding a new Field to Application Dictionary in Column, that allows to record additional internal information. #3618

  • Spring model interceptors: support those who implement IModelInterceptor

    Internal Housekeeping improvement, now discovering interceptors which implement the IModelInterceptor interface. #3620

  • Allow semicolon delimiter for Import Format

    Enhancement of possible Import Delimiters in Import Format, now also allowing semicolon as delimiter. #3621

  • Pharma: When Operation Code is 2, deactivate the product

    Improvement of the Import of Pharma Products, now dectivating Products with status code 2 (discontinued Products). #3624

  • Support Country in local address sequence

    Now supporting the county variable in the local Address sequence. #3674

  • POJOWrapper support for model classes with zero ID

    Internal Development improvement. #3655

  • Prospect is converted to customer when completing a quotation

    Improvement of the prospect-customer transition, now setting to customer as soon first Partner Sales Order is completed. #3667

  • Add name and menu entry for WebUI window Package

    New Window in WebUI for Package maintenance. #773

  • WebUI: Pimp Data Import window

    New Window for Date Import in WebUI. now allows to do the data import into metasfresh with drag&drop file attachment upload. #882

  • Drag and Drop Attachments

    Adds the functionality to upload multiple files at once. #1640

  • Remove swing-client exe via launch4j

    Internal Development improvement. #35


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Sorting defect: Change of Flatrate Term in Sales Orderline after grouping

    Fixes the Sorting in recreated Compensation group lines in sales order. #3612

  • Material dispo - problem with multiple cost collectors

    Fixes an Issue in Material Disposition when receiving multiple Handling Units in manufacturing Order resulting in multiple cost collectors. #3639

  • Sorting by Virtual Column Follow-up

    Fixes the sorting of virtual columns which are not numbers in grid view. #850

  • Exception when adding request from partner window for sales rep

    Fixes a Bug in the Request creation action when started from partner window. #850

  • List Widget does not scroll down with arrow-down

    Improved scrolling behavior of list widgets. #1544

  • Double click on attributes in orderline

    Improves the behavopr of the attributes dropdown widget when double clicking cell in subtab grid view. Now the elements are not all selected. #1557

  • Picking terminal window: switching rows is very very slow

    Performance Improvement of Picking Terminal Window. #1615

  • Collapsible lines in Create Purchase Order modal

    Fixes the behavior of collapsible lines in modal overlay of create purchase orders. #1637

  • List dropdown improvements

    Improved behavior of lookup and list widget drop-down. Now keeping the field content selected when reopening the drop-down after hover and leave. #1646

  • Edit mode in grid view when focus lost

    Improvement of the display status of grid fields in edit mode. Now the edit modus and display is left as soon the field is left. #1650

  • Multi Line Text Field ist not patched when text is removed

    Fixes the patching of empty Text Fields. #1651

  • Line in modal overlay for creating purchase order from SO disappears

    Fixes an Issue in Create Purchase Orders from Sales Order Lines. Now it’s possible to enter the purchase Quantity again. #1653

  • Improve WebUI performance

    General Performance Improvement for Grid Views in WebUI. #1658

  • Attributes in OrderLine grid view are not saved

    Fixes the recording of attributes in document lines. Now they are saved again. #1662


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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