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This week’s Release is mainly a stabilization release. We have focussed on Bugfixes in the area of WebUI. See details about the handled topics in the issue lists below.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Thanks all for your effort!
metasfresh 5.81 is now out!

Would you like to join us? You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat. We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Shipper transportation identifier shall contain documentNo, date and the shipper name

    Improvement of the shipper transportation identifiere, now including the documentNo, date and shipper name. #4734

  • View selection for touch screens

    Enhancement of selection behavior, now possible for touch screens to select and unselect rows with finger tap. #2006


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Bugfix for the receiept schedule in case the orderline was created via add new button. #4738

  • Fix context parse errors while using order's product batch entry

    Fixes product search and add new on orderline for Batch entry. #4739

  • Process C_Order_VoidWithRelatedDocsAndRecreate hangs

    Improvement of Order voiding, now reverting the document and related documents too. #4741

  • Attachment-Download from BPartner B2C window broken

    Fixes the download of Attachments from the B2C Business Partner window. #4742

  • Fixes a Bug that occurred when an Organisation Business Partner does not have a remit-to address nor an ESR account. #4743

  • Fixes the „Issue only for what was received“ Method in manufacturing receipt. #1097

  • Label Element filters not working

    Fixes the Filtering of Label Elements/ Attributes. #1098

  • Zooming into a parent column from a translation window not working

    Improves the zoom To into the parent column from translation windows. #1099

  • Document filters: consider empty strings as no filters

    Empty Strings are now considered as a non set filter criteria. #1099

  • Cypress: Product set Documentnote Test fails

    Fixes the cypress test on setting Document Notes. #1997

  • Business partner field in order: bpartner and location not alligned

    Minor frontend Fix for Businesspartner Lookup widget dropdown alignment. #2008

  • Modal view's title is not set when opened from process

    Improvement of modal overlays, now setting the overlay Title correctly when opened via process. #2012

  • Make sure `Run QR code action` process can be executed from everywhere

    Fixes the QR Code action, so that it can be run from any window. #2015

  • View quickActions timing issue

    Fixes a timing issue with Quick Actions in WebUI. #2029

  • Uncaught TypeError: e.toISO is not a function

    Bugfix for an error in action „create purchase orders“. #2039

  • quick actions: not refreshed on selection changed in tablet/mobile mode

    Improvement of the Quickaction refreshing in case of changes selections. #2049

  • View: clicking outside of table does not unselect the current selected lines

    Bugfix for the unselecting of grid selections when clicking outside grid. #2048

  • Views: refresh `quickActions` after `GET /byIds` shall consider current selected rows

    Bugfix for the Quickactions in WebUI now considering the selected rows again. #2050

  • Cannot close the HU Editor in manufacturing order anymore

    Fixes a bug in modal Handling Unit Editor that prevented the unselecting of rows. #2058

  • Error while trying to add a new sales order line using batch entry

    Fixes the Batch entry in Sales Order. #2054

  • Text widgets are not PATCHED anymore

    Fixes tha patching of Text widgets. Now these are patched again after change. #2060

  • Cannot untick filter checkbox

    Fixes the Filter checkboxes, now it’s possible to untick them again. #2061

  • Dropdown in bpartner field in order sometimes remains displayed after selecting bpartner

    Fixes a minor Bug that occurred when selecting dropdown entries with mouse. Now closing the dropdown after selecting again. #2067

  • Number Inserting in Order Quick Input

    Fixes the Batch Entry in Sales Order, now reacting creating a new line after pressing enter again. #2069


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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