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Another week of open source ERP Development is behind us and we have got a large amount of new Features and Improvements on our List.
Check them our directly, we are looking forward to have your feedback.

Thanks Contributors, you are amazing.
metasfresh 5.82 is out now!

Would you like to join us? You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat. We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • AD_Element based Names and Translations for AD_Tab, Window, Menu

    New and easier Translation Functionality for Tab, Window and Menu Elements. #4662

  • Add base language to AD_Element Translation Tables

    The Base Language of the System is now stored on Element Level too making it much easier to maintain. #4663

  • New Window in WebUI that Allows to maintain the Window Element Names and Description in a central place. #4664

  • Set Order-Checkup printout receiver via AD_Workflow

    Improvement of the Printing Routing. Now receiving printing Information for Manufacturing via workflows, instead of warehouse. #4717

  • Fix attribute value lookup for webui

    Minor Improvement of the Attribute value Lookup in WebUI. #4737

  • Allow editing attachment descriptions in BPartner-B2C

    Feature to Edit attachment descriptions in Business Partner B2C window in WebUI. #4745

  • order-candidates REST-API - option to just lookup, but not create BPartners

    New Endpoint in Rest API to lookup Business Partners. #4756

  • Update material dispo correction from StockChangedEvents

    Improvement of the Material Disposition. Now updateing adjustment from Stock Change Events. #4763

  • Translation of Greetings in WebUI

    New Window for Greetings Translation in WebUI. #4764

  • C_OrderLine: ProductDescription - don't add qty from BOM if is one

    Adjustment of the Orderline Product Description. Not adding the Quantity of 1 Unit in Product description anymore. #4766

  • ModelAttributeSetInstanceListener for Expired attribute

    Improves the way, the expired Attribute is set. #4768

  • Improve ClasspathAnnotatedModelInterceptorTester

    Internal housekeeping issue. #4770

  • Fix Fresh_AvailableSingletonServices_Test

    Internal housekeeping issue. #4771

  • Import Address GLN via I_BPartner

    Extends the Business Partner Import, now allowing to import GLN Information too. #4777


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Bugfix for Printing on metasfresh Swing Client that occurred when using the invoice print and print preview. #4740

  • Address different stability issues

    Fixes different stability issues, mostly discovered in material receipt. #4754

  • Contract Condition Option No Invoice does not prevent Invoicing

    Fixes the Configuration of No Invoice in Contracts, now not creating invoices when this option is set. #4759

  • Google Reflections not working with maven surefire plugin

    Internal Bugfix for using google reflections with the maven surefire plugin. #4773

  • Package order line out of sync when order is reactivated and completed again

    Fixes a Bug in Orderline that occurred with out of sync package material lines after reactivating an Order. #4775

  • Fix failing tests when running de.metas.fresh all tests suite in eclipse

    Fixes some failing automated tests. #4778

  • MD_Stock_Reset process includes planned HUs

    Removes the Stock calulation for Handling Units with Status planned. #4779

  • Migration Script Endpoint Improvement

    Fixes a Bug in the Migration Script Endpoint #1108

  • Cypress: Product set Documentnote Test fails

    Fixes the cypress test on setting Document Notes. #1108

  • View: clicking outside of table does not unselect the current selected lines

    Bugfix for the unselecting of grid selections when clicking outside grid. #2048

  • Cannot close the HU Editor in manufacturing order anymore

    Fixes a bug in modal Handling Unit Editor that prevented the unselecting of rows. #2058

  • Dropdown in bpartner field in order sometimes remains displayed after selecting bpartner

    Fixes a minor Bug that occurred when selecting dropdown entries with mouse. Now closing the dropdown after selecting again. #2067

  • Number Inserting in Order Quick Input

    Fixes the Batch Entry in Sales Order, now reacting creating a new line after pressing enter again. #2069

  • Jasper reports are compiled with wrong version

    Fixes the Build Process in jenkins for the compilation of Jasper Reports. Now using the correct Jasper Version. #25


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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