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metasfresh ERP Release 5.156 - Zebra, Equus quagga quagga

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The back end is what hides the power. The front end’s where will thrive the flower. None has full value on its own, only together their true potential is shown. And as you proceed to plant the seed, you’ll need both to coordinate your feet and get up to full speed.

That’s why here at metasfresh we take equal care of both extremes because we know one will not work well without the other and one requirement usually affects both ends in a certain way. But with an ERP system as agile as ours, there is nothing left to be desired. Among the most noticeable changes we made for this week’s release are new windows for counter documents and splitting the existing „Billing Candidates“ into separate list overviews for Sales and Purchasing, thus providing dedicated windows for managing the invoices of the respective business activity. You will find more information about these and many more adjustments in the list below. Want to benefit from these changes yourself? No problemo! Get the latest metasfresh version for free and update your system today.

Thanks to all Contributors. Our metasfresh Release 5.156 is ready and out!

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Features & Fixes

We have finished the following list of Features and Fixes for this week’s Release:


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP? Then check out our fast evolving documentation! You can find it right here: