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metasfresh ERP Release 5.170 - Porcupinefish, blowfish (Diodontidae)

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Every month at the quarter moon, there’ll be a monsoon in your lagoon. *

Well, a little rain never hurt anybody but apparently this year’s summer got a little out of hand and mixed up with its amounts of sunshine and water that it was supposed to deliver. Sounds to us like bad materials management, as if Germany’s weather supplier needed a new ERP system to handle their requirements and fulfill the ordered services to their customers‘ satisfaction. For everybody affected by the severe weather and floods across Germany, we hope you’ve found a safe haven and that the donations collected by several organizations have reached all those in need to alleviate their hardship. We wish you much strength, courage and above all health in this extraordinary situation during this difficult time.

Looking at the situation in more detail from an organizational perspective, we see various issues along the weather supply chain that could have been prevented with good resource planning. First of all, the product is wrong. We specifically ordered a sunny high-quality summer and not some leaking knock-off temperate season that cannot decide whether it’s the one thing or another. Secondly, the timing is not ideal. We expected our delivery many weeks earlier and are still waiting. Now that’s just bad expectation management. A heads-up would have been nice. Then there’s the quantity. Besides getting something we didn’t order, we receive plenty of it or even too much at once. So while we struggle to stow it away, the shipment is probably expected somewhere else where it is needed more desperately and would come to much better use. Do you see the alarming proportions all this bad planning can have?

Enter metasfresh ERP. With a scalable, multi-service, state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning software like metasfresh all these troubles are a thing of the past. No more guessing about when you will be able to deliver what amount of products, how much will be left and when is the time to stock up on new materials. No more irritated customers being left in limbo about their orders. No more wrong deliveries to the wrong locations. Instead everything is at the right place at the right time, on time and on budget. All of this can be handled by metasfresh ERP, much of it even automatically, saving you time spent on repetitive tasks and enabling you to commit it to more important things in life.

That said, feel free to take a moment and check out our new release of this week filled with new features and fixes to help you step it up yet another notch towards an efficient, agile and scalable business. You’ll find more info about this week’s release in the list below. Get your free system update today.

Thanks to all Contributors. Our metasfresh Release 5.170 is ready and out!

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Features & Fixes

We have finished the following list of Features and Fixes for this week’s Release:


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