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metasfresh ERP Release 5.174
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Ahead with metasfresh!

metasfresh Release 5.174

Release Notes

— March 25, 2022 —

metasfresh ERP Release 5.174 - Barred owl (Strix varia)

  New Features

 New Bugfixes

 ...and much more!

  New Features

 New Bugfixes

 ...and much more!

  New Features

 New Bugfixes

 ...and much more!

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metasfresh Usability - Basic WebUI Usage (Tutorial)

metasfresh Cloud ERP/CRM

Get to know the basic functions of metasfresh! Contact us and convince yourself of the wide array of features the software has to offer.

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A customizable enterprise software that flexibly adapts to your requirements — in many cases even without code adjustments.


We vouch for the functionality of our software. And if something doesn't run smoothly, you can rest assured we will take care of it.


Processing mass data while you continue working with your ERP software is a walk in the park with metasfresh.


Become a member of our open source community and actively participate in driving the metasfresh innovations forward with your expertise. We will be at your side.


Install metasfresh and use it wherever and as often as you like. Feel free to change metasfresh or have it changed if it doesn't suit you. That's true freedom.


metasfresh comes with a variety of exciting features that are best experienced live. Our hands-on trainings on-site at your company and online webinars are designed to help you get a hang of them all.


With intuitive user guidance and a clear user interface we help the users of metasfresh to get their bearings quickly.


We don't sell software licenses. Instead, we solve our clients' problems. Customer service is what we love and live for. It's our daily bread.


Do you have questions regarding our metasfresh software or do you need technical assistance? We offer different support packages to help you quickly and reliably.

Open Source

We develop open source software because it enables us to implement our customers' requirements in the fastest, most innovative and most cost-effective way.

metasfresh — Electricity? Why, of course! Naturally with BonnNatur Strom!

Renewable energies are the foundation of a sustainable and above all secure energy supply. metasfresh is committed to climate protection and sustainability and has deliberately chosen BonnNatur Strom. CO2-free electricity generated from 100 percent renewable energies.
By opting for BonnNatur Strom, we support the expansion of plants for renewable energies with 0.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
BonnNatur Strom is fed 100 percent from renewable energy sources, namely solar, wind and water power.
100 percent green electricity certified by the Grüner Strom Label e.V.

metasfresh for a better climate!

SWB Certificate Electricity 'BonnNatur Strom'

2020 InterCheese Go-Live

metasfresh operating live at
InterCheese AG

On January 06, 2020 InterCheese AG, a leading company for export and domestic distribution of Swiss cheese specialities, went live with metasfresh ERP and has been operating successfully ever since. Production and punctual delivery took place every day, something everyone involved can be proud of. And what's more, the close cooperation has brought new insights and affirmations.
Maintaining your master data is crucial because it is not only used to populate documents and receipts, but it also stabilizes process workflows. And getting your priorities straight is extremeley helpful for appropriately fulfilling essential tasks in a timely manner and continuously optimizing them after subsequent analysis and evaluation.
With the digital business solution metasfresh ERP, all of this and so much else is no challenge anymore!

InterCheese goes Metasfresh by Daniel Giger

Memberships, Partnerships and Cooperations:

GS1 Germany - Solution Partner - metas GmbH

GS1 Germany Solution Partner

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ecosio InterCom GmbH

ERP Logistics (Fraunhofer IML)

Ein Service des Fraunhofer IML

ECC Club Cologne

E-Commerce & Cross-Channel Club Cologne

Industrie- und Handelskammer Bonn/Rhein-Sieg

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bonn/Rhein-Sieg

DATEV eG Member - DATEV export interface


CleverReach® logo

CleverReach® Email Marketing

Open Source Business Alliance - We Are Member

Open Source Business Alliance

Swiss Open Systems User Group

Swiss Open Systems User Group

Get to know metasfresh!

Get to know metasfresh!


This is the easiest and most comfortable way to familiarize yourself with metasfresh — no strings attached. Sign up today for an online live demo and reserve your place in the next session.


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Open Source Software

metasfresh ERP includes all the advantages of open source software development, extended by comprehensive functionalities for industries such as e-commerce, IT, wholesale, mail order, fruit trade, food, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, engineering, associations or publishing and supplemented by services such as quality assurance, training, warranty and planning security for our customers.

Since 2004, we are offering an agile and digital business solution with our open source ERP solution metasfresh, thus revealing the full potential of digital sovereignty while maintaining security, independence and a trustworthy infrastructure.
Constantly focusing on the customer benefit with their specific value creation, we hold on to the vision of making powerful ERP software enjoyable and easy to use.

Via a very flexible, mobile and customizable web interface, metasfresh provides all standard tools for planning, controlling and monitoring business processes and thus offers companies the possibility to scale and grow continuously.
Enterprise support at a level above industry average, software maintenance, reliable release cycles, also the adaptation of the software to individual needs are just some of our established business models.
Thanks to state-of-the-art cloud architecture, we guarantee full and secure access to corporate data anywhere in the world.

With offices in Germany and Romania as well as a growing partner network, we accompany our customers on their way to digital transformation.
In the Open Source Study 2021, the Research Center for Digital Sustainability of the University of Bern, Switzerland, identified the key reasons for using open source software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users does metasfresh support free of charge?

An unlimited number of users. metasfresh is free of license fees and can be installed for and used by any number of users. If you have a support agreement with us, the agreed fees will be charged per user.

Can I get a demonstration of metasfresh before buying?

We regularly conduct live online demos of metasfresh to provide an overview of the software features without any obligation. Are you interested? Sign up now to reserve a place and participate in the next demo session.

Sign up for a free webinar

How long does it take to implement metasfresh in my company?

That may vary from case to case and highly depends on the size of your business, potential data migration tasks, the required features and their respective training. Feel free to contact us for a free non-binding initial assessment.

I cannot afford failure of my ERP system for extended periods. Do you provide fast response times?

Yes. We can offer response times from 15 minutes via chat channel. Depending on your individual agreement, you can even use our 24/7 telephone support service.

Is metasfresh suitable for any type of business?

metasfresh offers a variety of features that allow for its efficient use in many different types of companies. Our largest customers include businesses in the wholesale and fresh produce sectors.

Where can I get support for metasfresh?

We offer technical support for metasfresh ERP. That's our daily bread. The support fees depend on the number of users and the agreed support hours. Support can be provided at various levels up to 24/7 support, if required.

I expect an ERP provider to offer supplier liability. Can I count on that?

Sure you can! We guarantee all customers with a support agreement that metasfresh will work properly in the activated features. In the unlikely event of faults, we will correct these quickly and reliably.

What is the reason for developing metasfresh under an open source license?

We are no software vendors. We are dedicated to solving problems, improving processes and aim to facilitate and accelerate corporate growth for our customers. For us, developing under an open source license is the most innovative and efficient way to achieve that goal.