• Your ERP - Your Choice

    metasfresh gives you the maximum freedom of choice by letting you pick the way you want to run, host, support and extend your own ERP System.
    You can either self-host and self-support it, pick a hosting option or have a professional partner delivering you a turn-key solution.
    It is your own choice – because it is your ERP.

Pricing and Services



  • All Features + Releases

1-User Cloud


FOREVER (max. 5 GB Storage)
  • All Features + Releases
  • 1 User included
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Auto update



per user and month*

  • All Features + Releases
  • suitable for 1-100+ Users
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Auto Update
  • Support*

* Price plus VAT. Subscription can be cancelled on monthly basis.

  • Do you want Advanced Support ?

    Go to our partner page and pick a partner!
    metasfresh partners offer you advanced services like key accounting, consulting, service level agreements, customization, implementation, training-on-the-job and much more!


  • Free Forever

    metasfresh is a free and open source software which gives you the right to use it as long as you want, to change it and to distribute it.

  • Self-Hosted

    Download metasfresh and install it on any server you want fulfilling the system requirements.

  • 1-User Cloud

    We host metasfresh for you and you can use it for free as long as you do not exceed one user and 5 GB database storage.

  • Auto-Update

    The weekly release is automatically installed on your instance.

  • *Support

    In case you are facing a problem when using metasfresh we support you via email until next business day.

  • Premium

    Chose this plan to add as many users as you want and to get support.

  • Free Migration

    You can always download your system and run it somewhere else.

  • Cloud Hosted

    Your instance is hosted in a data center with daily backup and monitoring.