metasfresh ERP — Community Edition Download

Download, install and try out metasfresh ERP for yourself! Whether for demo purposes or for productive use — the same version, which is already deployed at various companies, is available right here free of charge. Get started now with the out-of-the-box digital business solution metasfresh!


Download and Install metasfresh ERP

Jump right in with metasfresh ERP!

The latest installation version of metasfresh ERP under Docker, which is actively used and further developed, is always available for free right here on our website. This version is ideal for both test and production environments, just as it is already being used by all our customers in a wide range of industries.
Please note that the metasfresh database was updated to PostgreSQL 15 since our 5.175 release. For future version updates of metasfresh, we therefore strongly recommend that you also upgrade your database. You can find a guide on how to do this on our documentation website.
In this context and regarding our old Ubuntu installation version, we advise against working in that environment and instead recommend switching to our Docker version immediately for the best user experience on the latest version of metasfresh.
If you have any questions or need assistance with the installation, please visit our official forum. Even if you do not need any support, we look forward to seeing you there and hearing your feedback on metasfresh ERP.

Recommended for testing and production use!

Using Docker and Docker-compose, it’s very easy to test metasfresh and our new web interface.
Here’s how you can install metasfresh for Docker:

metasfresh for Docker – Installation Guide