Competitive ERP

Visit us at CeBIT from March 14-18, 2016
in the Open Source Park, hall 3, D36/740.


The Open Source Park is a group stand pavilion at the CeBIT trade fair on the subjects of Linux and free software. Community is strength. This motto of the open source scene is not only valid for the Open Source Park but also for metasfresh. The “open source” feature has nowadays become a profitable target for companies and users alike.

metasfresh is the first royalty-free open source ERP system for trade and industry SMEs in German-speaking Europe (D-A-CH) capable of competing with market-leading proprietary systems.

This competitiveness results from its basic scope of functions, specialized features for the relevant sectors, out-of-the-box availability, technical scalability as well as the associated vendor guarantee, enterprise support, SLAs and trainings.

Developed over a period of more than eight years as a distribution of the open source ERP system ADempiere (over 1 million downloads) within the framework of projects in SMEs , metasfresh offers a unique mix of a royalty-free, open-source and competitive ERP solution that comes with professional support.

The version that is already in productive use in companies, with more than 100 users, an annual turnover of € 80 million and 300,000 end customers, can be downloaded free of charge.

Meet our experts at the CeBIT

Stop by our stand D36/740 in the Open Source Park, hall 3, from March 14-18, 2016.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.