Good Reasons for metasfresh ERP — Ahead with metasfresh!

Choosing the right ERP system for your needs is anything but a mindless task and often comes accompanied by fears or uncertainties. Solving problems is our expertise, with your benefit and specific value creation always at heart.
The following “Good Reasons” shall help highlight the benefits of metasfresh in a transparent way amidst the deep jungle of ERP offerings. The final decision whether metasfresh is right for you is entirely yours to make!


Good Reasons for metasfresh ERP:

  • Validated by the Fraunhofer IML

    metasfresh ERP was carefully evaluated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and, after passing the test, is now listed as a validated ERP system in the institute's ERP LOGISTICS database.

  • Digital Sovereignty

    Digital sovereignty refers to the self-determined and secure actions and decisions of people, companies and other institutions in the digital space. Citizens (society) as well as businesses and scientific institutions shall retain control of their own security and data protection interests and not become inescapably dependent. As a digitally sovereign company, you have your own cutting-edge skills for digital key technologies, corresponding services and platforms and are also able to make self-determined and confident decisions between alternatives of efficient and trustworthy partners, to use them consciously and responsibly, and to further develop and refine them if necessary. Open Source is the path to digital sovereignty. Dealing with this topic and opting for a strategic choice of an ERP solution like metasfresh opens up the full potential of digital sovereignty and guarantees security, independence and trustworthy infrastructures.

  • Ready for Immediate Use

    metasfresh ERP is ready to use out of the box as an agile and digital business solution.

  • Unique Business Model

    Higher-than-industry-average enterprise support, assuming responsibility, maintaining the software, reliably meeting release cycles while also adapting the open source software to individual needs — these are only a few of the established business models.

  • Evolutionary Approach

    The availability of software in source code and the possibility to adapt this source code to your own specific needs and requirements is nothing new and can be traced back to the early days of IT. The principle is based on the fact that good software can evolve into better software through collaborative work, inspection and a selection process involving a broad number of developers and users. Development does not follow the plan of a single head of development, an architect, but adheres to an evolutionary approach, with a multitude of ideas, solutions and tests: good solutions and components are adopted and developed further; bad approaches and faulty code do not prevail.

  • Freedom & Scalability

    As a result of the agile software development you have the freedom to overcome limits and to continuously scale and grow. Thanks to the open source nature of metasfresh, you as a user also have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of metasfresh with your specific wishes and requirements.

  • Interconnectedness

    metasfresh ERP is not only complex and powerful in its functions, but also enjoyable and easy to use. Thanks to the high level of consistency resulting from the consistent cross-linking of data, the system feels almost like a very structured website where it is easy to find your way. With the WebUI solution and through the use of universal navigation elements (browser navigation, hyperlinks, references, labels, browser tabs, breadcrumbs, inbox notifications, etc.), we have already integrated many elements that users are familiar with from other situations.

  • Mobile Usability

    Thanks to the cloud architecture and the browser-based web interface (WebUI), you have full and secure access to your company data at all times from anywhere in the world and with any device.

  • Digitalization

    As the central instance for the planning, control and execution of all business processes, metasfresh provides a flexible foundation on which your company can integrate more and more cutting-edge technologies to enhance its digital maturity and sovereignty and drive transformation.

  • Multitenancy

    metasfresh not only allows you to manage multiple legal entities in one system through organizations, but it also supports an unlimited number of tenants (clients) whose data are kept logically separated from each other and are therefore only visible to the respective client.

  • Open Interfaces

    metasfresh does not only already include numerous interfaces for relevant services, but it also offers the unlimited possibility to generate interfaces for any other service on demand. All data from external platforms is transferred loss-free via REST-API. Thanks to the open interfaces (headless ERP) and integrated connectivity, nothing stands in the way of your company's daily business.

  • Code-free Configuration

    No programming skills are required for autonomous window configuration, for example, in order to create new data structures.

  • Goodies

    On top of basic ERP functionalities, there are various gimmicks specific to metasfresh at your disposal (such as direct access to referenced documents), making your everyday life with the ERP system even more pleasant.

  • Updatability (Weekly Releases)

    Thanks to weekly releases you benefit from the latest improvements and developments that are continuously incorporated into metasfresh.

  • Open Source ERP

    metasfresh is 100% Open Source (GPLv2+3) and free of any license fees. The full version and all updates are free of charge and the latest source code is always available online. Further advantages are security through verifiability and the possibility to adapt to new requirements. Use the full strategic potential of open source technologies and remain independent at all times.

  • Software as a Service +

    metasfresh does not end with support, maintenance or software "as-a-Service". As an open source solution it allows you to go one step further and make adjustments based on a detailed GAP analysis to optimally cover your requirements.

  • Flexibility

    Enjoy the greatest possible flexibility to extend your data structures and functionalities and retain long-term control over the source code. At the same time, you remain completely vendor-independent and there are no technological dependencies, which promotes innovation and has a lasting effect.

  • Business Management

    You are able to evaluate complex quantities of data in real time on a 24/7 basis and, if necessary, take early countermeasures to establish your success based on the management decisions you have made.

  • Migration Process

    A migration to Open Source should be understood as a process, especially in complex requirement situations. This way adjustments and integration allow the step-by-step achievement of an optimal result, taking into account the user experience.

  • Automation

    metasfresh provides you with a central management and control system for the precise mapping and automation of virtual business processes as well as the technical and organizational integration of all sales channels. With the help of process automation, the usual high-quality performance is guaranteed even with increasing order volumes.

  • Documentation

    The very extensive and multilingual documentation (German & English) is available online and assists you in using metasfresh in terms of content and with examples, animations and videos.

  • Long Service Life

    Open Source solutions have a much longer service life due to their individual, needs-based nature. When incorporating this insight into economic considerations for longer periods, beyond the license cycle of a classic product, open source solutions regularly show a better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Transparency

    Retain full cost control throughout the entire project.