We are metasfresh

Our mission is to enable each and every company to access a powerful ERP system with the aim of fuelling corporate growth. Since 2006, we have been developing our metasfresh ERP software from scratch with open source components and under the open source license GPL v2.0. Our company is currently represented in Germany, Romania and Canada.
Our business is our passion to help you making the best of metasfresh ERP in order to accelerate your company’s growth.

MARK KRAKE, Founder, Fulltime Innovator
Mark Krake

Founder &
Fulltime Innovator

Norbert Wessel, Founder, Fulltime Innovator
Norbert Wessel

Founder &
Fulltime Innovator

Tobias Schöneberg, Founder, Senior Developer
Tobias Schöneberg

Founder &
Senior Developer

Teo Sarca, Founder, Senior Developer
Teo Sarca

Founder &
Senior Developer

Cristina Ghita, Developer, WebUI Designer
Cristina Ghita

Developer, WebUI Designer

Ruxi Craciunescu, Developer, Tester, Report Designer
Ruxi Craciunescu

Developer, Tester, Report Designer

Hanelore Ianoseck


Daniela Hoffmann, Terster, Documentation Editor
Daniela Hoffmann

Tester, Documentation Editor

Julian Bischof, Infrastructure
Julian Bischof


Mike McKay, Functional Expert
Mike McKay

Functional Expert

Maik Wagner, Documentation Editor
Kay Kostelnik

Documentation Editor

Kathrin Krake, Marketing
Kathrin Krake


Sonja Wesseler, Editorial, Translations
Sonja Wesseler

Translations, Editorial


metasfresh Solution Partner

Solution Partner sind funktionale und/ oder technische metasfresh ERP Experten.

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