Release Notes – 4.6.5

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  • 09873 translate all of the metasfresh UI to english (105052594715)
    • translated more than 300 window, tab and field names that don’t exist in adempiere and therefore weren’t translated in task 09847
  • 09863 add comment to SQL generated by Jasper reports to identify (102778506388)
    • with this feature we can now see which running query belong to which jasper report
  • 09836 Show on HU-Receipt label if a HU was flagged for quality instpection (104096142493)
  • 09833 Show additional infos in print problem notification (105117588718)
    • extending the API to allow addtional context info to be added to a notification
  • FRESH-22: 09847 Import adempiere terminology as english trl into metasfresh (107370493155)
    • imported current en_US language translations from adempiere ERP
  • 09824 use locking API to prevent concurrent doc action on the same document (100066000843)


  • adding an index to C_InvoiceTax to solve a performance issue
  • FRESH-22: 09847 Import adempiere terminology as english trl into metasfresh (107370493155):
    • fixed a bug in metasfresh that prevented to select the language by its name (just its value would have worked) as soon as „English“ is available
  • 09776 EDI – Receiver without ORDERS (100584995833)
    • allow to distinguish between Edi-ORDERS and Excel files and allow both kinds to be processed in an EDI fashion
  • FRESH-20: 09661 Statistik für monatliche Lagermeldung – grouping per Product and ASI (106566269211)
    • fix for some quantities being counted multiple times
  • 09852 ESR-Import allow importing with invoice-partners that have AD Org ID 0 (109927070478):
    • when importing ESR-Data, we now accept C_BPartners with AD_Org_ID=0, because besides being a different number, it’s not an inconsistency to have a partner with no org
  • 09823 Tax Code Migration (107275491843)
    • making a fix to the work-package processor that is used by the database function „de.metas.async“.executeSqlAsync(p_Sql text)
  • 09812 create report for daily packaging material balance (101400050316)
    • minor layouting fixes
  • 09834 adjustment possibility for empties (105285329048)
    • minor layouting fixes