Release – 4.11.10

Mark KrakeBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.11.10 is a minor release that includes a number of new features and bug fixes, as listed in the list of Features and Fixes below.

Would you like to grab the source code? You can find it here
Or would you prefer to download and test the binary version directly? Here you can and find further instructions. If you need help please chat with us and let us know.


The 4.11.10 Release includes major and minor enhancements. Below is a list of the new Features:

  • FRESH-47 Don't create oracle migration scripts

    Removing another legacy piece of code.

  • FRESH-37: 09955 excel Report Procurement Statistics

    Now using a high level excel templating engine (jxls).

  • 09961 MRP Product Info row selection persistency

    When switching between days and filter settings, the selected row remains the same (if is is still there with the new filter settings).
    When implementing a process, it is now possible to specifiy which record shall be selected after the process is executed.

  • 09915 procurement conditions jasper process

    Now also supports contracts that have quantities, but no prices.

  • 09628 procurement management

    All changes in products, partners, contracts etc are now directly pushed to the mobile webUI.

  • 09931 Bootify metasfresh

    metasfresh now runs with spring-boot (server and client).
    Also replacing the JUL-based CLogger with slf4j.


The 4.11.10 Release includes different minor Bugfixes. Below is a list of the issues we solved:

  • 09844 Login Problem

    Client level Mandant and Org for System Administrator.

  • 09915 procurement conditions jasper process

    Fix related to the contract start and end dates.
    Usability fix in VNumber: first key press was lost.

  • 09945 Pricelist for french customer

    Excel export not in customer language.

  • 09944 Performance

    Inout Reactivate-Complete taking too long.

  • 09502 quality inspection

    The final settlement invoice didn’t have the correct witholding amount.