Release – 4.12.11

Mark KrakeBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.12.11 is a minor release that includes a number of new features and bug fixes, as listed in the list of Features and Fixes below.

Would you like to grab the source code? You can find it here
Or would you prefer to download and test the binary version directly? Here you can and find further instructions. If you need help please chat with us and let us know.


The 4.12.11 Release includes major and minor enhancements. Below is a list of the new Features:

  • FRESH-82 Adapt PMM Balance reports to respect our new aggregations

    Aggregate the PMM Balance with grouping Product and Attribute Set Instance.

  • FRESH-95 Modify the report C_Flatrate_Term_Create_ProcurementContract

    Now displaying the PMM_Product’s Name which can also contain ASI-Information.

  • FRESH-55 Add ASI-support to procurement contracts

    Added Attribute Set Instance Dimension to procurements contracts.

  • FRESH-71 extend metasfresh and provide Product-TRLs to the webUI

    Show product Translations in Procurement WebUI for Users with other language.

  • FRESH-81 PMM purchase candidate

    Quatity aggreation shall be on Businesspartner, Product and Attribute Set Instance but NOT on HU-Item-Product.

  • FRESH-83 webui

    Added another button called „Info“ which displays a plain text which was configured in metasfresh.


The 4.12.11 Release includes different minor Bugfixes. Below is a list of the issues we solved:

  • FRESH-78 In webui user is reporting in Qty CU and not Qty TU

    Not really a Bug. End customer prefers to record the Quantities in Customer Unit and noct in Load Units. Changed this.

  • FRESH-108 Fix Summary in C_Flatrate_Term_Create_ProcurementContract

    Minor Layout Fixes to Jasper Report for Procurement Contracts.

  • FRESH-115 09933 InvoiceCandidates not created - Deadlock

    Further fixes in Invoice Candidates to avoid Deadlock. Thanks to our customer for quick and valuable Feedback.