Release – 4.13.12

Mark KrakeBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.13.12 is a minor release that includes a number of new features and bug fixes, as listed in the list of Features and Fixes below.

Would you like to grab the source code? You can find it here
Or would you prefer to download and test the binary version directly? Here you can! If you need help please chat with us and let us know.


The 4.13.12 Release includes major and minor enhancements. Below is a list of the new Features:

  • FRESH-70 Model interceptor to prevent deactivating PMM_Products that are unter contract

    And making sure that activating a record is still allowed.

  • FRESH-170 Laufender Vertrag, show Lieferprodukt also on Tab "Liefersatz"

    In Window Laufender Vertrag, show the PMM Product on Tab „Liefersatz“ too.

  • FRESH-168 Procurement: Support logon for vendors with no contract

    Support Login for Producers/ Vendors without delivery contract.

  • FRESH-86 Procurement Show aggregation of reported Qty in MRP Product Info

    Show the reported Quanitities from Procurement in Window MRP Product Info too.

  • FRESH-134 Make syncing on the webUI side more robust

    Refactored how we import the data, make it fail only bpartner level, product level.

  • FRESH-139 webui log: show user's ip address and email as part of the log line

    Refactored how we import the data, make it fail only bpartner level, product level.

  • FRESH-141 Procurement: Procurement Candidates initial qtyToOrder 0

    The initial quantity of field QuantityToOrder is set to 0.

  • FRESH-128 Provide Basic CRM Features

    Adding a simple table to the business partner window that displays related documents etc in cronological order.

  • FRESH-71 - extend metasfresh and provide Product-TRLs to the webUI

    Exposing a JMX operation to push all products and translations to the webUI.


The 4.13.12 Release includes different minor Bugfixes. Below is a list of the issues we solved:

  • FRESH-171 fix qtyPlanned in procurements excel

    Fixed the Bug in Column qtyPlanned for month June.

  • FRESH-55 Add ASI-support to procurement contracts

    Fixed. Not all UOMs were eligible anymore.

  • FRESH-167: Procurement: Provide Trend also when qty reported is 0

    Transfer Trend to metasfresh of harvested Products also when not reported a specific quantity before.

  • FRESH-164 Procurement: multiple Purchase Candidates after reporting qty for same day

    Fixed. For Products which were not contracted there were multiple records in Procurement candidates for the same date.

  • FRESH-129 contact email in jaspers only after setting the user created as sales contact

    Fixed. Only print the contact email in Jasper Report Documents when the user is marked as sales contact.

  • FRESH-93 Purchase Order 848092, Row Missing in Invoice Candidates

    Adding an SQL based process that allows us to identify, fix and log occasional stale Invoice Candidates.

  • FRESH-126 Procurement WebUI: Qty 4 digits needed

    Enhanced the Quantities recordable in WebUI to 4 Digit Customer Units.

  • FRESH-108 Fix Summary in C_Flatrate_Term_Create_ProcurementContract

    Fixed the cut off summary Descriptions in Flatrate Term Contract (Jasper Report Document).

  • FRESH-132 Assumption failure Invoice

    Fixed the assumtion Failure changing the payment method in Invoice.

  • FRESH-119 Setup wizard does not update field C BPartner Location.address

    Fixed the Update of the C_BPartner_Location.address field in metasfresh Setup Wizard.

  • FRESH-30 09628 Procurement vendor-webUI purchasing and contract management

    Make sure that a PMM_Product can’t be deactivated if it is already included in a contract.