Release – 4.14.13

Mark KrakeBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.14.13 is a minor release that includes a number of new features and bug fixes, as listed in the list of Features and Fixes below.

Would you like to grab the source code? You can find it here
Or would you prefer to download and test the binary version directly? Here you can and find further instructions. If you need help please chat with us and let us know.

Thanks to all that gave Feedback and about Feature improvements and issues.


The 4.14.13 Release includes major and minor enhancements. Below is a list of the new Features that were included in metasfresh last week.

  • FRESH-87 Log the JSON-Packages that are exchanged between the service endpoints

    Enabling the cfx LoggingFeature so we can log the data that comes in or goes out via jax-rs.

  • FRESH-196 Procurement WebUI: Initially open with tomorrow

    The Procurement WebUI initial reporting day after starting is now tomorrow, because fresh produce reporting is minumum done 1 day in advance.
    @all Users among Swiss Fresh-Producers Thanks alot for the given feedback. Feedback like yours is very important for us and helps alot to improve metasfresh and procurement WebUI.

  • FRESH-197 Procurement WebUI: User Remember-Me

    Implemented a Remember-Me functionality for browsers other than Chrome. Automatic UserField Recognition did not work in Firefox Browser.

  • FRESH-176 Procurement WebUI: Allow switch enabled users between BPartners

    Allowing to switch enabled WebUI Users between different Business Partners.

  • FRESH-186 change gebindeubersicht to show all until selected date

    Changed the “Empties overview” report, so that all emties are shown until a selected date.

  • FRESH-183 Price editable in Procurement Candidates

    Allow to the contraced Price/ current Price from Pricing System in Procurement candidates.

  • FRESH-97 Improve metas fresh server and client logging

    Improved the logging on metasfresh server and client.

  • FRESH-59 09915 procurement conditions jasper process (109344045046)

    Minor finetuning approvements in Procurement conditions jasper process. Adding localization (French) to the process.

  • FRESH-172 Procurement: Double entries in PMM_Product: adding unique constraint after having cleaned up

    Adding unique constraints to PMM_Product to avoid double entries.


The 4.14.13 Release includes different minor Bugfixes. Below is a list of the issues we solved in the last 7 Days.

  • FRESH-215 Procurement WebUI language not updated when changed in bpartner

    The WebUI language was not switched after change of Business Partner Language in metasfresh.

  • FRESH-219 Procurement: Contract missing in Procurement webUI

    Making queue subscriptions durable to make sure data is not lost if a subscriber is not present. Adding JMX operation to send all contracts to the webui.

  • FRESH-205 Doc Outbound: eMail sent not updated

    The EMail-sent counter is now updated after sending eMails for outbound Documents.

  • FRESH-216 Error creating InvoiceCandidates for PP_Orders without issued quantities

    The system now deals more graciously with material tracking PP_Orders that have receipts but no issues.

  • FRESH-194 Picking: Uncompatible CU-TU Issue

    Avoiding incompatible Packing Material/ Empties for a given Product in Picking Terminal.

  • FRESH-179 Remove customer specifics from jasper and DB functions

    Removed customer individual coding from jasper Repots and Database Functions.

  • FRESH-193 problems after temporary JMS link outage

    Fixed minor issues that appeared after JMS outage.

  • FRESH-184 Saldobilanz report year switching saldo for R+E Accounts

    Fixed issue about year end switching saldo for Revenue and Expense accounts.

  • FRESH-160 Fix Report "Gebindesaldo all"

    Fixed minor issue in “Gebindesaldo all” (Empties all).

  • Assign Role to User: Search Box empty

    Incoming Report of an issue in Search Box assigning Roles to User. Will be fixed in next release.
    @Christian Schüttler: Thanks alot for reporting this issue. Feedback like yours is very important for us and helps alot to improve metasfresh.

  • FRESH-177 MRP Product Info Window with empty columns

    Fixed minor issues in MRP Product Info Window (window opened with empy columns, removing obsolete DB-functions).

  • FRESH-37 09955 excel Report Procurement Statistics (105226320154)

    The Qantity reported was shown in TU quanititiy, instead of CU quantity. Fixed.