Release – 4.18.17

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metasfresh 4.18.17 is a minor release that includes different new features and bug fixes. You can find the detailed Informations about these in the following lists.

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The 4.18.17 Release includes major and minor enhancements. Below is a list of the new Features:

  • FRESH-314 Foreign BPartner reference included in sales order C_Order.C_BPartner_ID

    We could’nt reproduce this issue. We improved AD_ChangeLog to also log server-side changes (which have no session-id) and also store the AD_Pinstance_ID if available. If it happens again we will be will be able to trace it.

  • FRESH-320: Swing UI: License agreement popup shall have an icon down in task bar

    Adding an Icon in License agreement popup.

  • FRESH-278 Umsatzreport Geschäftspartner copy and modify

    Adding a revenue report that is week-based and also based on the delivered quantities. The original revenue report still exits, but is based on invoiced quantities instead.

  • FRESH-305 Reduce Warehouse Dropdown List in Wareneingang (POS)

    After selecting the source warehouse in Wareneingang POS, check all the Distribution Network Line entries that have this specific warehouse as source and provide the Target Warehouses for Selection in Target Warehouse Dropdown List.

  • FRESH-312 Project cannot be compiled when downloading from github directly

    Adding 3rd-party jars that are not available from the standard maven repos to a github hosted repo. Thanks a lot to @mckayERP and @e-Evolution for pointing us to the issue.

  • FRESH-228 Change jxls-poi version from 1.0.8 to 1.0.9 when it will be released

    Updated to jxls-poi 1.0.9

  • FRESH-302 make inout print preview faster

    Improved the InOut Print Preview Performance. Is now nearly 50% faster as before.

  • FRESH-298 Setup Printing Dunning Docs to separate tray for ESR Zahlschein

    Adjusted the layout of Jasper Dunning Documents to better match pre-printed paper without having to use calibration.

  • FRESH-304 Report Konten-Information Rev+Exp accounts Saldovortrag year end

    Switching the Report “Account -Information” to automatic Year-End initialization of Revenue and Expense Account balance.


The 4.18.17 Release includes different minor Bugfixes. Below is a list of the issues we solved:

  • FRESH-318 ESR String Processing not working with multiple partner bank accounts

    C_PaySelectionLine: combining two methods into one, to avoid duplicate effort and FUD with their execution order and making sure that annotated model interceptor methods are ordered by their method name.

  • FRESH-251 Inout created from Picking-Parm shall only have picked Qty LU-TU too

    The creation of InOuts shall consider the Picked Quantities of LU-TU via Picking Terminal, when Inout Creations is done from Inout-Candidate Window with Parm PickedQty = ‘Y’.

  • FRESH-300 client not starting when config is not completed

    Fixed a Bug that appeared in Client/ Org Setup when this initially was cancelled or not completed.

  • FRESH-152 Extract statistics fields from C_BPartner and put them to a new table called C_BPartner_Stats

    Additional Fix

  • FRESH-93 Purchase Order 848092, Row Missing in Invoice Candidates

    Extending/ fixing the views to also find wrong Quantity ordered from Inout Lines referencing Invoice Candidates. Adding the ddl to our repository