Release – 4.19.18

Mark KrakeBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.19.18 is a minor release that includes a number of bug fixes, as listed in the list of below.

Would you like to grab the source code? You can find it here
Or would you prefer to download and test the binary version directly? Here you can and find further instructions. If you need help please chat with us and let us know.


The Release 4.19.18 was focussing on Community Organisation work. We set up Contributor Guidelines and communication channels for newly integrated Community members.

  • FRESH-335 create an initial contributor's guideline

    Initial Setup of Contributing Guidelines. Further improving.

  • FRESH-278 Umsatzreport Geschäftspartner copy and modify details

    Created an new Report for Turnover. Data of Report now depending on Delivered Quantities and value.


The 4.19.18 Release includes a number of minor Bugfixes. Below is a list of the issues we solved:

  • FRESH-338 Async not running

    Fixed an additional problem with creating AD_ChangeLogs

  • FRESH-314 Foreign BPartner reference included in sales order C_Order.C_BPartner_ID

    Fixed a problem with creating AD_ChangeLogs

  • FRESH-311 Packvorschriften from different Org shown in Leergut

    Make sure that the Empties Return Window only shows Packing Material that is defined in Logged in Organisation.

  • FRESH-333 Procurement candidate prices not updated correctly

    Solved an Issue in Price Calculation of Procurement Candidates when New Pricelist was created for already existing Procurement candidates.

  • FRESH-307 New Organisation: Financial Data of existing Org

    Make sure that Financial Reports only show Data from selected Organisation.

  • FRESH-326 Set the Correct Org in Fact_Acct_Summary

    Bug with AD_Org_ID not properly set in FACT_ACCT. Solved the Issue and Created Migration Script for Old Data.

  • FRESH-331 Double click needed for weighing machine and occasional NPE

    Improved logging and making the application more robust

  • FRESH-329 periods missing in dropdown because of no translations

    Fixed an Issue with Calendar Periods. These were not shown because of missing Translations.

  • FRESH-327 Subsequent change of logo not working correctly without cache reset

    Fixing an issue with Caching of Logo. Cache was not resetted after changing the Logo in running Client Session.

  • FRESH-312 Project cannot be compiled when downloading from github directly

    Removed references to our internal maven repo, fixed a wrong groupid and provided a public keystore for development purposes

  • FRESH-302 make inout print preview faster

    Improved the Performance of Print Preview of In-Out Jasper Documents.