Release 4.37.36

Julian BischofBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.37.36 includes several new features and bugfixes. See the table below for more details

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  • #302 Add different onError policies to TrxItemChunkProcessorExecutor

    Added further policies for InvoiceCandidate processing.

  • #213 Add onhand qty to MRP Product Info

    Added a new column in MRP Product Info to now show the Handling Unit Storage On Hand Quantity.

  • #375 Jasper: extend product name on report_details

    Extension of name Field in Jasper Report (report_details).


In this Release different minor Bugfixes were adressed. You can find the list of the issues that were solved:

  • #409 MRP Product Info might leave back stale entries after fast changes

    Making sure that statistics in MRP Product Info are updated also after quick complete and reactivate of sales and purchase orders.

  • #387 Purchase Order generation in Procurement Candidates not to be grouped by user

    Ensured that Purchase Order Candidates are aggregated to 1 Purchase Order per Vendor when triggered.

  • #370 Material Receipt - Somtimes double click needed for weighing machine

    Fixing a bug that occured on certain Windows clients with connected weighing machines.

  • #420 NPE in CalloutOrder.bPartner

    Eliminated a Null Pointer Exception in Sales Order Callout CalloutOrder.bPartner.

  • #410 sscc label org fix

    Fixed a minor issue in SSCC Label to load the correct Orgabnisation and Logo when generated and printed.

  • #422 pricelist report do not show virtual HU

    Fixed the pricelist report to also show virtual HU.

  • #331 Activating the trace log file doesn't always work

    Stabilized the new trace log feature. Here switching on/ off visibility.

  • #437 Old window Produktion is opened automatically by menu search

    Fixed the autocall in menu search.


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