Release 4.39.38

Julian BischofBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.39.38 is now live!
You can check out the new functionalities and fixes in the list below.

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This Release includes following new features. Check it out!

  • #388 make M_ReceiptSchedule.IsPackagingMaterial a physical column

    Changing the Field in Material Receipt Schedule fpr Packing Materiel. Swapped from pirtual to physical column.


Several minor fixes were addressed in version 4.39.38:

  • #448 Rounding issue with partical credit memos

    Fixing a rounding issue which popped up after createing a partial credit memo for referenced invoice document.

  • #270 Purchase Order from Sales Order Process wrong Aggregation

    Optimized the Purchase Order creation process from Procurement candidates. Purchase Orders are now aggregated properly when identical Vendor and products (and further details).

  • #433 C_Order copy with details: Packing Instructions are not copied

    Fixed a Bug when using Copy with details in c_order. Packing Instructions are now copied too.


The metasfresh documentation project is evolving fast. A huge “Thank you!” to all contributors!