Release 4.40.39

Julian BischofBlog, Release Notes


metasfresh 4.40.39 is now live!
You can check out the new functionalities and fixes in the list below.

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This Release includes following new features. Check it out!

  • #443 Add is to be sent as email to doc outbound log

  • #418 Improve sales and purchase tracking reports


Several minor fixes were addressed in version 4.40.39:

  • #407 CCache always creates HashMap cache even if LRU was requested

  • #428 NPE when reversing an invoice including a product with inactive UOM conversion

  • #492 build issue with jaxb2-maven-plugin 1.6 and java-8

  • #483 Gebindeübersicht Report Typo fix

  • #482 Unable to issue certain HUs to a PP_Order

  • #494 R_Request new Request context missing


The metasfresh documentation project is evolving fast. A huge “Thank you!” to all contributors!