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Welcome to the last metasfresh Release Notes of 2016.

This last Release 4.49.48 includes a huge milestone of our development this year. The Implementation of metasfresh Data Life-cycle Management is now released as beta version. This brand new Feature allows companies with a huge amount of transactions to “archive” their data – not needed for current operations anymore – into separate partitions. This enables high performance in metasfresh usage and processing for all operational data.

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You just want to download and checkout the binary version directly? Here you can find further instructions. Please let us know if you need assistance and just chat with us.


This release includes the following new Features .

  • #489 Implement DLM within single logical tables

    Data Life-cycle Management Implementation to enable archiving of non-operational data to separate partitions.

  • #682 Translation in window Vendor Returns

    Add german translation of additional Fields in Window Vendor Returns.

  • #698 Pipeline - add webui deployment

    Add a new Pipeline into Continuous Integration/ Deployment for metasfresh WebUI.


The current release includes the following minor Bugfixes.

  • #380 duplicate lines in inout

    Worked over each jasper report in order not to display materdata records that were deactivated.

  • #710 MRP Product Info: Qtyies issued to a production shall be subtracted from onhand qty

    Fix a Bug that prevented Handling Units Storage to be adjusted when adding raw material to manufacturing order via action issue.

  • #724 Aggregation Shipment Jasper Documents shows reference from other ad_org_id

    Extend the where clause for matching of PO References in Aggregation inout documents. Additional Aggregation matching criteria now are ad_org_id, c_bpartner_id.

  • #713 Marginal Return Report (short version) doubled sums for accounting group

    Fix a partially double summed up accounting group in marginal return Report.


Are you looking for detailed information about how things work in metasfresh ERP? Take a look at our fast evolving Documentation you can find it here:

Merry Christmas & Happy new Year

A huge “Thank you!” to all contributors! We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

This is our last Release for this year. We are looking forward to further pushing hard to become the most successful Open Source ERP Software in the market for small and mediumsize businesses. We have made huge steps towards that in 2016, going to make ever bigger ones in 2017.

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Co-founder & Managing Director of metas GmbH. Perpetual innovator and continuous community worker of metasfresh ERP. Free Software, Open Source and UX enthusiast.

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