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Welcome. Here comes our first Release of 2017.

The Release 4.50.49 includes a set of new features and fixes.

Have you made any resolutions on New Year eve to participate in an Open Source Project? If yes, don’t look any further and come in. 😉 You are welcome! You can find further information here
You just want to download and checkout the binary version directly? Here you can find further instructions. Please let us know if you need assistance and just chat with us.


This Release contains the following new Faetures.

  • #615 Purchase Order wrong Price from Contract or Pricesystem for specific Product

    Working Increment that works for the current requirement at hand.

  • #653 Calculated DailyLotNo in Material Receipt Candidates

    Add a daily Lot No. thats calculated as Day from year, from a given Date in Purchase Order, Orderline Attributes.

  • #714 Marginal Return report calculation add additional Costcenter

    Adjust the marginal return report to show allow more columns with cost center sums on 1 page.

  • #742 R_Request column c_order_id autocomplete too slow

    Take out the autocomplete of c_order_id to speed up the lookup performance in R_Request.

  • #757 Automatic contract extension doesn't work anymore

    Take out the autocomplete of c_order_id to speed up the lookup performance in R_Request.


We have squashed a few Bugs for this Release. Here they are.

  • #757 Automatic contract extension doesn't work anymore

    Fix the automatic extension of contracts when flatrate term conditions are met.

  • #681 Automatic filling of BPartner and Location only shows value

    Fix the Search Field reference that showed only the value, instead of Name and value, in case of BPartner and BPartner Location.

  • #718 Wrong location in empties vendor return

    Close the Gap that allows to record empty returs with BPartner Location that does not belog to the empties BPartner.

  • #744 Report Bestellkontrolle promised Date-Time seems to have am/pm time formatting

    Adjust the Purchase Order control report to have the correct locale for time formatting.

  • #763 material receipt HU label always shown in preview

    Migrate the Handling Unit label enabling direct print, without print preview.

  • #89 Adjust DocAction Names

    Adjust/ migrate DocAction Names for WebUI.


How do this work in detail in metasfresh ERP? If you are interesten in deeper details, check our our documentation project. Its growing steadily.
You can find it here:

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Co-founder & Managing Director of metas GmbH. Perpetual innovator and continuous community worker of metasfresh ERP. Free Software, Open Source and UX enthusiast.

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