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metasfresh 4.51.50 is out now, you can check out the new functionalities and fixes in the list below.

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This Release includes following new features. Check them out!

  • #696 add multi line description per order line

    Possibility to now add multiline descriptions. These can be used to add individual Texts to an Orderline.

  • #755 Automatic upload orders in csv file with COPY into c_olcand

    Enhancement to allow the Upload of Sales Orders into Order Candidates via COPY.


Several minor fixes have been addressed in this version.

  • #752 request report does not show requests that don't have product or inout

    Fix to show request lines in report, which don’t have a product included nor a reference to an inout line.

  • #759 Destroyed HU causes problem with shipment creation

    Fix problem when checking for not-yet-delivered M_ShipmentSchedule_QtyPicked records, the system did not check if they reference actually destroyed HUs.

  • #766 fix for "DocumentPA will not be intercepted because final classes are not supported"

    Fix this error shown on server startup. Making DocumentPA not final anymore.

  • #770 When extending a procurement contract, null becomes 0.00

    Fix an issue that set the price to 0,00 when extending a procurement contract, although the initial price was null which means “not set”.


Do you want to take a sneak preview under the hood of metasfresh ERP! A good starting point is our Documentation which is evolving fast. You can find here:

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