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This weeks release is targeting to the integration of more windows and functionalities into the metasfresh Web User Interface based on ReactJS and Redux. Additionally we are working on providing more diverse translations in other languages. Thanks a lot to all contributors for your participation. You’ve done an amazing effort again.

Made it again. metasfresh is No.1 hottest Open Source Project at OpenHub.
Thanks a lot to all contributors!
Our Release 5.7 is out now!

Would you like to participate in the most active Open Source ERP development project worldwidand have fun with complex business cases but also on very modern and leading edge web technologies? You are awaited and very welcome. Come in and join metasfresh.
Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #427 Integrate spring DI with metasfresh Services helper class

    Now integrated Sprint Dependancy Injection into metasfresh Services.

  • #880 Improve IProcessPrecondition framework

    Improvements on Process Framework and issue handling.

  • #1211 Preparation Time: Change to first possible on same Day as Promised Date-Time

    Adjustment of the Tour Planning Preparation Date calculation. Now taking the earliest Tour preparation time according to the date promised.

  • #1300 Bank Statement Window in WebUI

    Adding the initial window layout for Bankstatement window in webUI.

  • #1322 Make Packing Item editable in Manufacturing Order Header

    Making the Field Packing Item editable in Manufacturing Order header.

  • #1349 Create Product category webui window

    Adding the product category window to WebUI.

  • #1351 IsTransferWhenNull not working correctly anymore

    Attributes which have IsTransferWhenNull=Y are now also transferred during propagation to the received product in manufacturing.

  • #1366 Fields missing in Sales Order WebUI for advanced Edit

    Adding missing fields into advanced edit of Sales Order Window in WebUI.

  • #1360 Translating processes and windows for order to shipment process to en_US

    Adding the Translation of en_US for the order to shipment workflow.

  • #1370 Make request type names translatable

    Translated the Request Names into Language en_US.

  • #1382 Make Packing Item editable in Manufacturing Order Header

    Allowing to edit the Packing Instruction in Manufacturing Order.

  • #1393 Translate New Partner Quick Input window to en_US

    Translating the Quickentry for new Business Partners to en_US Language.

  • #1395 Translate Payment Terms to en_US

    Adding the Translation for Payment Terms of language en_US.

  • #261 Date offset in Dashboard KPI because of missing Timezone

    Adjustment of Dashboard KPI, now ofsetting the Date because of missing Timezone.

  • #300 Quickaction new Request in BPartner Window

    New Functionality to quickly add a quickaction for request creation to WebUI windows.

  • #313 Handling Unit Barcode selection 1:1

    Adding the 1:1 selection functionality to Barcode scanning and Handling Unit selection.

  • #314 HU attributes shall be readonly if the HUStatus is not planning

    Handling Unit attributes are editable as long as the Handling Unit status is ‚planning‘.

  • #315 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: merge BOM Type and HU Type columns

    Merging the Handling Unit Type and BOM Type on HU Level and Issue/ Receipt Lines to 1 column called Type.

  • #316 Implement password widgetType support

    Adding support for password widget type in Rest-API, preparing the frontend implementation.

  • #317 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: drop StatusInfo column

    Adjustment in Manufacturing Issue and receipt, drpping the status info column in WebUI.

  • #318 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: show packing info for BOM components

    Adding the Packaging Info Action Issue & Receipt Editor in new Manufacturing.

  • #319 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: show BOM line attributes if any

    Adding BOM line Attributes to manufacturing Order WebUI.

  • #321 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: introduce planning status

    Introducing the planning status to manufacturing Order WebUI.

  • #322 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: Fix Qty and QtyPlan columns

    Adding Fix Qty and Qty Plan to manufacturing Order WebUI.

  • #323 Manufacturing Issue/Receipt: receipt lines shall be displayed first

    Reordering the manufacturing order ui, now ordered by receipt lines first.

  • #326 technical: Remove JSONProcessInstanceResult deprecated properties

    Technical issue for further improvement of JSON Messaging in Rest-API.

  • #332 Empties window without pre-selection possible

    Adding a new Functioanlity to allow empties receive without having preselected material receipt lines.

  • #248 Handle Password Fields in WebUI

    New widget for Password Handling in WebUI.

  • #291 Show value/ name in breadcrumb but edit in window

    Now refreshing the sidelist and showing the attached files after new attachments to a record.

  • #411 Make the parameter names visible in filters

    Improvement in Process Parameter dropdown, now allowing to define the Parameter layout with primary/ secondary indicator.

  • #537 KPI: implement a non intrusive way to display KPI related errors

    Improvement for the KPI error Handling.

  • #649 windowId shall be handled as a string and not as a number

    Changing the format of window ID, now representing as string and not numbers.

  • #666 refresh in attachments side list

    Now refreshing the sidelist and showing the attached files after new attachments to a record.

  • #667 Change /rest/api/pattribute request message

    Internal improvement of the Rest-API request message.

  • #676 Process result: implement openDocument as modal

    New functionality for the openDocument Implementation, now allowing the modal overlay usage.

  • #678 Get rid of deprecated static docNo input in header.

    Housekeeping issue, getting rid of deprecated document No Field.

  • #682 Sidelist opening shall automatically have the first line selected

    When opening the sidelist, the first line is now automatically preselected, so the user can use arrow down directly to navigate.

  • #683 Tooltip on first level breadcrumb

    New Tooltip on first level breadcrumb.

  • #695 Larger photo preview screen/ modal overlay

    Resizing the preview image in material receipt, allowing to preview in modal full width.

  • #8 add trainings management

    Adding Traning Management window, tab and field changes to metasfresh.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1343 Cannot reverse documents

    Fixing the bug that prevented the usage of document reversals.

  • #1346 Cannot "LU zuteilen" (Swing HU Editor)

    Fixes a Bug that did not allow to add split-off Transport Units to be added to a new Logistic Unit.

  • #1348 M_ShipmentSchedule_EnqueueSelection ignores role's org access

    Fixing a Bug in permission control, when enqueing a selection of Shipment Schedules for Shipment generation.

  • #1378 Packing item not displayed in receipt jasper if none was ordered

    Doucoupling the Packing Instructions in Material Receipt from orderline Packing Instructions.

  • #1379 Problem creating FK reference on DLM'ed table

    Fixing a issue when creating foreign key constraints on tables which are referenced to data lifecyle mangement.

  • #1387 Permission Tabs not displayed in window Role

    Adding the permission Tabs to window Role in webUI.

  • #1388 HU from Cost Collector is locked and cannot be selected anymore after the CC was reversed

    After reversing a Cost Collerctor the referenced HU is now not locked anymore.

  • #151 grid view websocket notifications: fullyChanged shall not be set when changedIds is set

    Internal websocket improvement for grid view handling.

  • #267 Show an error or message for user when printing not possible bc of missing config

    Now showing an eror message to the user when printing is not possible.

  • #268 HU attributes shall always provide the WidgetType along with the data/changes

    WebUI Improvement of Handling Unit Attributes Widget.

  • #270 cannot add trading unit with batch entry after using add new

    Fix for Sales Order Batch entry in WebUI, now also allowing to add Trade Unit Packing Material after adding via „add new“.

  • #306 Address missing in 'Adresse' for bpartner created on-the-fly

    Fix for quickentry of Business Partner and Locations via Sales Order now also adding the location name.

  • #310 Switching language does not translate document references

    Fix for the new Language change switch. Now also translating document references in WebUI.

  • #311 Switching language does not translate document lookup values

    Fix for the new Language change switch. Now also translating document lookup values in WebUI.

  • #328 Manufacturing receipt mandatory Field not filled

    Fix for manufacturing action_receipt. Now filling all mandatory fields.

  • #324 File Size Limit

    Raising the file size limit for uploading attachments to webUI.

  • #329 Issue HU 404 not found

    Fixing a 404 Page not found Bug when trying to issue product 2 times.

  • #579 DocumentNo field is not updated

    Fixes the creation of new Business Partner search values.

  • #641 Shortcuts behavior sometimes weird

    Fixes a weird behavior of shortcut usage and navigation in WebUI action bar menues.

  • #644 Creating a new Discount record error

    Fixes a Bug when creating a new Discount.

  • #664 process doesn't open directly

    Fixing a weird behavior when opening processes, only worked when pressing something else in menu after first try.

  • #672 Process error not displayed

    Now responding errors to the user when trying to start a process without filling all mandatory fields.

  • #673 Wrong report file endpoint is called for processes which are started from main menu

    Fixes a Bug that opens a printing preview report pdf with the completely wrong URL.

  • #680 Navigation breadcrumb vs. Navigation Menu

    Unifying the behavior between opening windows via Breadcrumb menue and Navigation menue.

  • #685 Cannot open manufacturing modal overlay anymore

    Fixing a Bug that disallowed the opening of manufacturing modal overlay.

  • #689 Image widget is missing right border

    Adding the right border to image widget.

  • #7 metasfresh-dist parent pom.xml's artifact name shall be metasfresh-dist

    Now making sure that by default, the project is imported (into eclipse) as „metasfresh-dist“ that name is used in some .launch files, e.g. the one to start the swing client.

  • #6 still using metasfresh-snapshots repo

    Eliminating the dependancy to metasfresh-snapshots repo.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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